Medical Bidding


The cost of medical procedures, treatments, and medicines has increased dramatically in recent years, making it hard for many folks to get the care they need. But there’s a novel idea called medical procedure bidding, and it might just be the answer we need.

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British Healthcare


Britain’s National Health Service turns 75 this month. It is in the deepest crisis of its history: flooded by aging patients; starved of investment; and understaffed by doctors and nurses, many of whom are so burned out that they are either joining strikes or leaving for jobs abroad.

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woman health

Celebrate Women With National Women’s Health Week

Each year starting on Mother’s Day, we celebrate National Women’s Health Week. It’s a great time to support and encourage girls and women to make their personal health a priority. We, at MediBid, support women’s health awareness, and we hope you do too!   Why is women's health important? Women play a major role in … Continued
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N95 Masks And Where To Find Them

The US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention advises well-fitting respirators approved by National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH). Due to the surging cases of the Covid-19’s omicron variant, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending the use of the highly protective N95 masks. The Biden administration is distributing 400 … Continued
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COVID-19 Increases Need for Virtual Medicine

By Ralph Weber Most Americans are scrambling to adapt to the temporary new reality with COVID-19. I believe that even after we get through this pandemic, that we as a society will have changed. Many hospitals, doctor’s offices, and surgery centers have been forced to limit the procedures they perform to urgent ones only. Most … Continued

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Open for Business

The following are locations and procedures that MediBid is still handling at this time. (Updated 5/5/2020)   WAPodiatryScheduling foot and ankle procedures starting May 13 AL Pain teleconference and in office (no fever) AZ Neurosurgery Lumbar laminectomy, cervical laminectomy, brain tumor removal,  pituitary surgery AZ Total Shoulder Joint Replacement AZ Meniscus Repair AZ ACL Repair … Continued

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