Doctor examining a mammogram

One Third of Breast Cancer Unnecessarily Treated

A Danish study published in Annals of Internal Medicine this week finds that one in three women who are diagnosed with breast cancer with a mammogram are treated unnecessarily. The rate of overdiagnosis was estimated by comparing numbers of early-stage and advanced stage breast tumors before and after the country (Denmark) started offering mammograms. There … Continued

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Should Miss Daisy Be Driving?

Society has changed the way that “old” is defined. Today people are more active and live longer than previous generations. During the early 1970s, half of Americans over 65 had a driver’s license, while today 84% do. By 2030, more than 60 million older adults could be on the road. Seniors wear seat belts, observe … Continued

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Alarm clock on night table showing 3 a.m.

Insomnia Drugs vs Natural Sleep Solutions

Insomnia affects a third of adults, becoming more common with age. Doctors are deterring patients from taking sleep aids, including over the counter medications, and encouraging behavioral change solutions. Drugs should be considered only if therapy is unsuccessful. Drugs don’t provide natural sleep. Prescription sleep aids can cause fuzzy thinking and short term memory gaps. … Continued

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Voters waiting to vote in polling place

Election Stress Disorder – It’s Real

The election seems to be affecting most people, but in different ways. Some have trouble sleeping, some chest pains, others obtain short-term Xanax prescriptions or busy themselves with canning fruit as a distraction. Election stress disorder is a real psychiatric condition and its impact should not be dismissed. Symptoms of this disorder include shortness of … Continued

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Like a Good Neighbor, Your Health Coach is There

A nonprofit called Mamelani Projects brings healthcare to neighborhoods in Cape Town, South Africa by employing community leaders. South Africa has a shortage of doctors in poor neighborhoods, distrust of once-segregated hospitals, and concentrated and crippling poverty. These are similar to problems in some areas of the U.S.. Manmeet Kaur trained with the Mamelani Projects … Continued

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An elderly woman with a tableful of medications looking overwhelmed and confused

Stop Taking All Those Medications!

A new approach called “de-prescribing” is being implemented by physicians across the country. This means reducing the excessive use of prescription drugs, as well as over-the-counter medications and supplements. Doctors hold medication reviews, identify side effects and interactions, and then wean patients off drugs that are unnecessary. Nearly 40% of patients in their 60s take … Continued

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Why are Clowns So Creepy?

For the last few months, actual clowns have been terrorizing America in at least 10 different states. These clowns lure women and children, chase people with knives, yell at people from cars, and lurk in cemeteries. Similar events happened around Boston in the 1980s, which led to the “The Phantom Clown Theory”. The Theory suggested … Continued

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