Rigged: How Insurance Ruined Healthcare

The third party payer system and managed care is a system based on healthcare bean counters and medical bureaucrats regulating expenditures on your medical care, thereby effectively regulating your health. The term MediCrats, accurately describes these people, since they effectively are medical rulers. MediCrats are not at all affiliated with any political party, just as … Continued

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Putting Medical “Waste” to Good Use

Hospitals throw away thousands of pounds of medical supplies, instruments, and machines every year. Items that are in patient rooms or operating rooms that are not used are unnecessarily discarded. Products that are not expired and are unopened are sent to the dump. There is nothing wrong with any of these items. A non-profit in … Continued

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MediBid Holiday 2016 Specials

Have you been putting off a certain medical procedure? Give the gift of health for yourself or someone in your family. Now is your chance to place a procedure request FREE for THIS WEEK ONLY (December 11 thru 18)! To place your FREE request: Enter the code Xmas2016 on the payment page. Physicians, have you … Continued

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Balanced Hormones Keep the Body Running Smoothly

Hormones control every single function of the human body. When they aren’t balanced, normal bodily functions suffer. Some symptoms of hormone imbalance include fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, mood swings, inability to manage stress, infection, weight gain, and more. Imbalance can be caused by genetics, weight issues, menopause, health conditions, and disease. Balancing your hormones … Continued

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Mylan and the Monopoly of EpiPen

In the game of Mylan Monopoly, there is no bonus money or trips to jail, but you will pay the banker for the real estate. The lifesaving EpiPen is a necessity for many Americans, and the drug’s list price has blown through the roof. A two-pack of epinephrine injectors has gone from less than $100 … Continued

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Need a Decoder Ring to Translate Your Hospital Bill?

A patient in southern California was charged $97,000 for a gallbladder removal. Medicare paid the hospital less than $4,000 and his supplement covered only $900 of it. Any claim submitted affects the financial integrity of the whole program. The massive hospital bill had three pages of individual charges, each simply listed as “surgical services”. There … Continued

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Just a Little Off the Top

When Matt Williamson took his son to be circumcised, he found a problem – not with the procedure itself, but the cost. His local hospital did not reveal the price ahead of time and charged him more than $3,000 for the procedure. This is yet another example of the lack of transparency in medical pricing. … Continued

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