Ebola: From Failure Comes Containment

Last year, the Ebola virus killed over 11,000 people – an outbreak that was not reported until three months after it began. The virus remains in the body after the patient has recovered and can sicken and infect others months after recovery. A few cases of Ebola have been reported recently in Liberia and there … Continued

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Bladder Cancer

The Rate of Bladder Cancer Rising for Workers in many Industries

Research shows that bladder cancer is increasing among women at a more rapid rate than it is among men. Employers try as much as possible to provide a healthy working environment for their workers to prevent workplace accidents. They make sure there is safety in the workplace and protect employees from injuries, harm and maintain … Continued
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Alzheimer disease concept as a medical mental health care idea as a group of perched birds on an electrical wire flying away shaped as a side profile of a human face as a symbol for neurology and dementia or memory loss.

Treating Alzheimer’s: Breakthrough Research to Give Us Hope for the Future

Currently, more than 5 million Americans are living with the hatchet of Alzheimer’s disease hanging on their heads, a figure that will increase exponentially by the year 2050. This isn’t shocking news as Alzheimer’s is considered to be the 6th leading cause of death in the United States alone! Moreover, this disease is one that … Continued
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Man wearing deaf aid in ear attempting to hear something using paper tube

With Only 14% People Using Aids For Their Hearing Loss Condition, Are We Heading To A Major Health Crisis?

A recent study suggests that nearly 48 million Americans have issues stemming from hearing loss, while 90% of them could benefit from hearing aids but don’t. In fact, only 14% have them, many still don’t use the helpful aids with any consistency. These facts are staggering! Moreover, 70 is the average age when people start … Continued
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The American Heroin Epidemic

Heroin use in America traces back to the mid-1800s and is becoming more popular among people with historically low drug abuse. Prior addiction to prescription opioid painkillers is the strongest risk factor, making people 40 times more likely to start heroin. This is much more than marijuana users (three times) and alcohol users (two times). … Continued

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Brace Yourself: Large Health Insurance Premium Increases Coming 2016

Health insurance companies want to increase their rates in the amount of 20-40% or more, since new Obamacare customers are sicker than expected. Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans hikes across the country of 23-54%. The insurance companies say that the increased need of patients, the high cost of specialty drugs, and grandfathered insurance plans (not meeting … Continued

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Appalachia Sees Increased Cases of Hepatitis C

Infections of Hepatitis C, a contagious liver infection spread by blood contact, has more than tripled in Appalachia – Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia – fueled by prescription drug abuse in rural areas. About 73% of patients are under age 30 and injected drugs. The infection rate has more than doubled from 2010 to … Continued

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