Could a Personalized Vaccine Be the Answer for Cancer?

A small study of melanoma patients is raising hopes that custom-made cancer vaccines may be more effective than current immune-based treatments. A recent paper in Nature reported all six patients had encouraging results. The first cancer treatments used were drugs which interfere with molecules that block immune cells from attacking a tumor. If immune cells … Continued

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Female executive running to the toilet

Taking a Shot at Female Bladder Control Issues

Urinary incontinence is common among women. One quarter of young women, half of middle aged women, and three quarters of older women experience involuntary urine loss. Although a common problem, not many women feel comfortable talking about it. Over $19.5 billion is spent each year on treatments, ranging from behavioral modification, physical therapy, medication, and … Continued

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New Drug Helps Psychosis of Advanced Parkinson’s Disease

You may know some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. There are body tremors, slow body movements, and other motor problems. Half of these patients develop psychosis, normally in the later stages of the disease. Sometimes it is a side effect from drugs to improve motor skills. While treating the muscle rigidity and walking difficulties, … Continued

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Could “Designer Pigs” Be Future of Organ Transplants?

You’ve seen designer cosmetics, designer jeans, and designer jewelry. These may all be high-end merchandise, but now, a new type of designer is entering the field. Biologist Luhan Yang is working to design genetically altered pig organs which could be used for human transplantation. Yang authored the genome-editing technology called CRISPR in 2013. In 2015, … Continued

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