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Is Paying Cash the Best Method for Medical Care?

Nearly 6,000 physicians across the country run cash-only practices, and that number continues to increase by 25% each year. Physicians wish to regain control over their practice from the reigns of insurance and spend more time with patients. A cash-only practice may be called “concierge” or “direct primary care”, where patients pay a membership monthly … Continued

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Physician-Owned Hospitals Don’t Exclude Sicker Patients

Physician-owned hospitals have been accused of selecting only certain type patients or limiting the procedures they will perform, leaving other hospitals with more sick and poor patients. A recent independent study has found that whereas a small percent of the physician-owned hospitals are more specialized, lacking emergency services and 24-hour staff, the majority offer services … Continued

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MediBid: A Free Market Fix – Interview with Ralph Weber at FreedomFest

Joe Thomas of WCHV, Charlottesville, VA interviews MediBid CEO Ralph Weber from FreedomFest in Las Vegas, NV July 2015. MediBid has doctors, surgery centers, and hospitals in ten countries. Most patients who use MediBid have employer-based and self-funded health insurance plans. When a patient places a procedure request, that request is sent out to 6000 … Continued

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Tisha Casida interviews Ralph Weber: Free Market Solutions to Healthcare

Tisha Casida with Rebellion.life interviews CEO of MediBid, Ralph Weber, about his work educating the public and the government about common sense health care solutions. MediBid is an online marketplace with true transparency, listing not only prices, but qualities and education of physicians. MediBid was created after the 2008 election as a way to get … Continued

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Crashing the Free Market Party

by G. Keith Smith MD Riding in to rescue the victims of Obamacare and other government healthcare schemes are guess who? The legislators? The regulators? Don’t make me laugh. It is the growing group of healthcare free marketeers. The celebration following the receipt of an Obamacare insurance card or qualifying for Medicaid is short-lived once … Continued

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