Fishermen Cutting the Nets of Opioid Dependence

New England is known for the Patriots, fall foliage, and a variety of fresh seafood. Commercial fishing keeps seafood in abundant supply, but is physically taxing, with long days to weeks out to sea. When fishermen come in to port, they are exhausted and looking for some relaxation. While you enjoy your clam chowder or … Continued

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“Hare” Dyeing Products: Not Just for Eggs

In the next day or so, many of you will be getting those hard-boiled eggs dressed up and ready for Easter. Perhaps you use tie-dye, natural plant coloring, or the standard PAAS tablets with vinegar. All of these methods are non-toxic and kid-friendly. The same cannot be said about some hair dyes. Personally, I go … Continued

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Marking Insect Prevention with Street Art

Every other month, our friendly pest control man pays us a visit. He shakes out granulated bait in areas where the ants tend to accumulate, then puts on his backpack-style spray gear. He sprays the circumference of the house, about three feet up from the foundation. It appears wet like water and dries shortly after … Continued

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Women in Labor Turned Away from Hospitals

Growing a human is a true labor of love. When the time comes for the arrival of the child, every mother wants to have reliable medical professionals ready to handle their needs. Pregnant women in rural areas have several risk factors, including insufficient prenatal care, tobacco and alcohol use during pregnancy, and few choices of … Continued

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911 Keeps Hospice Patients Out of the ER

Fort Worth area paramedics have partnered with VITAS Healthcare, the country’s largest hospice organization, to treat hospice patients to help avoid trips to the ER. These specially trained community paramedics spend time with the patient and family, most often reducing a costly hospital trip and unnecessary treatment. An average of 18% of hospice patients go … Continued

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Future of FluMist Nasal Flu Vaccine Uncertain

FluMist, the only non-injectable flu vaccine, was not recommended for use in the United States this winter. Studies showed it offered limited protection the last few years. MedImmune, the company that makes the vaccine, is attempting efforts to fix the vaccine which could be an important component in a future flu pandemic. The vaccine is … Continued

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New Dads Risk Postpartum Depression Too

The stereotypical man does not ask for help. He is the “King of the Castle”: mowing the yard, working on the car, running the remote control, and never asking for directions. They suffer in silence, not asking for emotional help either. Men might not go through the bodily changes and mood swings of pregnancy, but … Continued

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Medical Community Split Over Opioid Treatment

After seeing a record number of deaths from prescription opioid medications in the U.S., physicians and regulators are sharply restricting access to drugs like Oxycontin. Patients who truly need the drugs to manage their pain fear for their future treatments. One side of the pain community wants to cut back on all opioid prescribing, while … Continued

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