Obamacare Enrollment Lags 2016 Estimates

Those who purchased Obamacare plans during the January enrollment period were 40% lower than earlier government and private estimates. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) had predicted 21 million sign-ups for this year, yet there were only 12.7 million. About 1 million people are expected to drop, or be dropped from, their plans during the year … Continued

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Healthcare Sharing Ministries: A Low-Cost Alternative to Pricey Health Insurance

Increasing numbers of Americans are joining healthcare sharing ministries rather than buying traditional insurance. These ministries are not insurance and aren’t over-regulated by states. Since Obamacare exempted members of ministries operating since at least 1999 from the fines of not purchasing insurance ($695), membership has doubled to nearly 500,000 members nationwide. These non-profits are well-managed, … Continued

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Obamacare Lingers on Life Support

Five years ago, the key selling points of Obamacare were too many uninsured people, rising healthcare costs, and insurance companies making too much profit. This resulted in mandates for all: physicians, insurers, employers, and patients. Supporters promised that premiums would decrease, numbers of new patients would have access to insurance, and the cost burden would … Continued

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Forecast Looks Poor for UnitedHealth Exchange Future

Last month, UnitedHealth insurance sounded optimistic about their prospects, yet on Thursday, United lowered its profit estimates due to losing $600 million from individual policies on the federal exchange market. The company stock immediately fell almost 6%, and they expect exchange-related losses to be 45 cents a share. They are considering pulling out of the … Continued

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Why Single Payer is Not the Answer

by Lee Kurisko, MD We were promised that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would “bend the cost curve down”, and yet health insurance premiums are expected to rise by as much as 60% in 2016. What should be done to solve this dilemma? A common refrain is that since the “free market” has … Continued

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Emergency Room Visits Increase with Obamacare

Obamacare predicted that expanding health insurance coverage for the poor would reduce costly emergency room visits. A new study has found that newly insured people are actually visiting the ER more often, 40% more often than those who are uninsured. These findings create doubt that the increased coverage will result in lower ER costs. The … Continued

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Supreme Court to Hear New Obamacare Case This Week

Later this week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in King v. Burwell, the results of which could affect the future of Obamacare. This case addresses if consumers who buy health insurance at are eligible to receive tax credits under the law. Obamacare authorizes subsidies for those who purchase insurance through state exchanges, and … Continued

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Perils of Obamacare Reenrollment

Obama has come up with the 95% solution to make reenrollment figures look good: A senior federal official told CNBC that an estimated 95 percent of enrollees—some 5.1 million people—will be signed up for the 2015 plan year and receive the same tax credits [subsidies] without having to do anything. If your current … Continued

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ACA Architect Gruber Insults Voters

MIT economist Jonathan Gruber (an architect of Obamacare) has emerged in a handful of videos insulting the American public. In one video, Gruber discusses how voters’ “lack of economic understanding” enabled a politically unpopular tax on “Cadillac” health plans to be included in the Affordable Care Act. Instead of taxing individual plan holders directly, Gruber … Continued

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