Finding Medical Care: As Easy as a Day at the Beach

A Houston-based company serving patients nationwide, MediBid, saves patients money on medical procedures. MediBid is a place where doctors bid against each other for your common surgical procedures, like hip and knee replacements. California resident Perry Hunt was in debilitating pain and required a hip replacement. Just days before the scheduled procedure, Hunt’s insurance refused … Continued

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A Winning Bid for Healthier Patients

The old-fashioned auction is a long-standing tradition in Texas. Texans bid on cattle, cars, and eBay. Now, MediBid brings your medical requests to the sale barn. On the MediBid platform, doctors and surgeons bid against each other to earn your business. Register your name and give a brief medical history of your condition.  You are … Continued

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teen at the dr.

Transition From Pediatric to Adult Health Care

Preparing for change is a challenge. In corporate America, an entire cottage industry has sprung up around teaching executives to lead change. As caregivers for children, we all lead change frequently. We prepare for transitions. With children, these milestones include the first day of kindergarten, the liberty of being a licensed driver and the-going-off-to-college day, … Continued
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Vanderbilt, other hospitals will lose millions of Medicare money

Starting in October, thousands of hospitals across the country will face a penalty if patients are readmitted within a month of being discharged.  This practice is to encourage more quality care or lose large amounts of Medicare funding.  Witholding all this money will strain the hospital’s budget and increase costs for everyone.  Hospitals cannot control … Continued

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