Staying Active Postpones Seniors’ Loss of Mobility

Many people believe that when they retire, they can just relax and lounge all day. Research has proven that exercise can improve memory and reverse muscle loss. A new study has found that regular physical activity reduces time living with mobility-limiting disability. The study took 1,600 sedentary people ages 70-89 years old who could walk … Continued

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To Make Drugs, Just Add Water and Stir?

It sounds like the simple instructions for making Ramen or hot chocolate. A new appliance-looking device could be mass producing drugs in a similar fashion in the near future. When hooked up to some test tubes, chemists have used the Freezemobile to make a ring of crystalline ice ready for transport to the most remote … Continued

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Drug Use Moves from the Back Alley to the Break Room

According to data collected by Quest Diagnostics, illicit drug use in American workers has reached the highest level in a decade. Illicit drugs range from marijuana to heroin and metamphetamine. “Safety-sensitive” workers, such as truck drivers, pilots, ship captains, subway engineers, and other transportation workers had an increase in positive drug tests from 1.7% to … Continued

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A Liquid Nitrogen bank containing suspension of stem cells. Cell culture for the biomedical diagnostic.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Beat Off Blood Cancer

Jessie Quinn of Sacramento was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010. This blood cancer progresses quickly and she was told that chemotherapy may not help. Being of mixed racial heritage, finding a bone-marrow match was impossible. What saved her was an experimental transplant of umbilical cord stem cells. Bone-marrow transplants infuse healthy blood cells from a … Continued

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Ultrasonic Stimulation Wakes Up Brain Post-Coma

Until now, the only way to stimulate brain activity in patients recovering from a coma was a risky, invasive surgical procedure called deep brain stimulation which places electrodes inside the thalamus, the brain’s central processor. A 25 year old man in California is making amazing progress following a sonic stimulation, kick-starting the brain using noninvasive … Continued

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