“You Dirty Rat, You Killed My Brother”

They keep us awake at night, playing in the walls or attic. They travel on subways and play in trash. Urban rats are very commonly found, but not much is known about the potential threat they pose to public health. In the journal Frontiers in Public Health, a trio of scientists issued recommendations for how … Continued

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What Danger Lurks in the Lagoon

Vibrio vulnificus, the “flesh-eating bacteria”, is propagating in the warm waters of Florida. One case of infection in Brevard County has health officials urging the public to avoid exposure to inshore waters, away from the ocean, where the bacteria breeds. Last week, Volusia County issued a similar warning to tourists. The bacteria is most often … Continued

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Are You Eating Dessert for Breakfast?

At IHOP, dessert is what’s for breakfast. Menu items such as New York cheesecake or raspberry white chocolate pancakes have 83 grams of sugar. That’s 21 teaspoons, while the daily recommended amount is no more than 12 teaspoons. The average American consumes 23 teaspoons of sugar each day. Other sweet treats are disguised as healthy … Continued

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Superior Healthcare Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Tourism Putting Down Roots in U.S.

Stem cell treatments have long been known as something you must travel to exotic locations to receive. Commercial clinics offer high hopes and promise miracle treatments. New research released June 30 notes that destination treatments are changing as clinics are propagating in the United States. A study published in the journal Cell Stem Cell found … Continued

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There is Room at the Inn

Ah, the remains of yesteryear. The low-cost motels that sprung up everywhere decades ago now stand vacant and in disrepair, a mere shell of their previous lives. The lives of homeless people run a strained parallel, lost and forgotten… but not anymore. A homeless nonprofit based in Irvine, California called Illumination Foundation is changing that. … Continued

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Just a Little Off the Top

When Matt Williamson took his son to be circumcised, he found a problem – not with the procedure itself, but the cost. His local hospital did not reveal the price ahead of time and charged him more than $3,000 for the procedure. This is yet another example of the lack of transparency in medical pricing. … Continued

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When the Lights Go Down in the City

The American Medical Association (AMA) issued a policy statement at their annual meeting in Chicago on June 14 regarding street lighting. Many cities are replacing their high pressure sodium lamps with long-lasting LEDs to save money on energy and maintenance. The AMA issued guidelines of how to choose LEDs that minimize harmful human health and … Continued

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