How MediBid Works for Employers

For your employees, their business is not likely medicine and many will not know how to navigate healthcare. Adding a service like this could benefit your plan and employees siginficantly. Medibid has a “network” of providers vetted and validated by quality, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction. Quality – providers are vetted for quality first. Malpractice, … Continued

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Money for Nothing and Healthcare for Low Fees

Michael Andrade interviews MediBid CEO Ralph Weber Ralph Weber has been a consultant for employers for years. Employers reached the breaking point of expensive medical plans that are low quality. Millions of claims data were studied and found that 35-40% of procedure costs were above the median price. Competition works, but adding transparency ONLY raises … Continued

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Stopping the Big Squeeze on Patients

Ralph Weber is interviewed on Ron Barshop podcast September 25, 2019. Many patients find that their deductible is higher than any insurance savings would be. Hospitals collect 1/3 of their debt by collectors that harass families by all means. These collections are the cash cow of the hospital. Medical debt then in turn affects credit … Continued

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Affordable Self Funded Employer Healthcare

Affordable Self Funded Employer Healthcare Plans

     Cost Effective Self-Funded Plans are Possible with MediBid Self-funded employer healthcare plans are gaining in popularity, even among smaller employers that in the past would have considered self-funding too risky. Traditional health insurance no longer offers the value that employers and their employees look for, and many businesses are turning to self-funding a … Continued

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Physicians / Medical Facilities

How Medibid Selects Medical Professionals

     MediBid is Always Adding to its List of Medical Providers MediBid thrives because providers from around the world want access to a competitive healthcare marketplace. A marketplace where providers are rewarded for their skill and efficiency. MediBid offers that marketplace, and so many of our providers found us before we found them. It’s … Continued

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Paleo and Keto Diets – A Good Way to Go?

by Lee Kurisko, MD Paleo (caveman) and ketogenic (super low carb) diets are all the rage right now. I used to believe the Paleo diet was a good way to go and that ketosis is a desirable state and also believed that cholesterol was not relevant to cardiovascular risk. Currently, I no longer hold these … Continued

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Reference based pricing

Hospital ER Bills are the Real Trauma

Over the past six months, more than 14,000 emergency room bills have been submitted to a study of emergency room billing practices. Prices have risen greatly over the past decade, and patients are left with most of the bill when insurance doesn’t cover it. American hospital bills are filled with fees that don’t exist in … Continued

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