Headphones and Hearing Loss in Children

This holiday season, parents will be clambering to get their children the newest in electronic toy gifts. Call me a Scrooge, but I don’t believe that children should have electronic toys like iPads and cell phones. (Good thing I don’t have kids to “deprive”). However, a new analysis of headphone products found that half of … Continued

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What Does 2017 Bring in Health Care?

The future of the healthcare system in America is uncertain. Changes are coming, but the details are unclear. Trump is promising to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, yet now may keep some of its features in place, including coverage for pre-existing conditions and keeping adults under 26 on their parents’ plan. With Dr. Tom Price as … Continued

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Alarm clock on night table showing 3 a.m.

Insomnia Drugs vs Natural Sleep Solutions

Insomnia affects a third of adults, becoming more common with age. Doctors are deterring patients from taking sleep aids, including over the counter medications, and encouraging behavioral change solutions. Drugs should be considered only if therapy is unsuccessful. Drugs don’t provide natural sleep. Prescription sleep aids can cause fuzzy thinking and short term memory gaps. … Continued

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Will Insurers Pay for a Prescription for Marijuana?

As a result of the recent election, six states – California, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Alaska, and Maine – approved the recreational use of marijuana, joining Colorado and Washington which approved it in 2012. Twenty-eight other states have medical marijuana laws on the books. Now that it is legal to use, questions have arisen about insurance … Continued

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Getting Burned by Imitation Aloe Products

The summer heat may be gone, but that doesn’t mean that the winter sun still can’t burn you. Aloe has been used since ancient Egypt for burns and skin irritations. For those who don’t live in the southwest U.S., most Americans don’t have access to the speared succulent filled with cooling goo. The U.S. market … Continued

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Paying Penalties Trumps Obamacare Premiums

This is the “busy season” for insurance enrollments. With the limited enrollment period of October through January, everyone is trying to find a more affordable health care plan. Many are opting to save the premium payments and just pay the penalty. Steven Lopez is an IT professional with a family in California, and he has … Continued

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Cancer Treatment from Cuba

Cuba claims it a long history of providing high-quality care. Cuban researchers began working on a new cancer treatment in the 1990s because of the high rate of lung cancer there. After chemotherapy and radiation are completed and failed, patients are willing to try treatments not approved by the FDA. A retired OBGYN was diagnosed … Continued

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Can Childbirth be a Laughing Matter?

Laughing gas has long been used for pain relief, most commonly at the dentist office. Women used it to ease labor pains during the early 20th century, but its use declined as other pain killers became available. A small group of midwives is bringing it back to the mainstream. Before the 1950s, nitrous oxide was … Continued

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