Christy Jo Fogarty, Dental Therapist in Minnesota, with her pediatric patient

Therapists: Extra Hands for Dentists Mean More Smiles

Physician Assistants (PAs) have been a welcome addition to medical teams across the country. They receive much of the same training as physicians, can treat simple conditions, and perform some procedures. This helps take the burden off of doctors, which are already in short supply. Now the dental world is following suit. In 2009, Minnesota … Continued

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Need a Lyft? Rides to the Doctor are Uber Convenient

Riding the bus is affordable and handy for those who don’t have other transportation to get around. Patience is something you learn after years dealing with public transportation. What happens when something urgent comes up and you can’t wait an hour for a bus to get you to a medical appointment immediately? What if the … Continued

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Need a Decoder Ring to Translate Your Hospital Bill?

A patient in southern California was charged $97,000 for a gallbladder removal. Medicare paid the hospital less than $4,000 and his supplement covered only $900 of it. Any claim submitted affects the financial integrity of the whole program. The massive hospital bill had three pages of individual charges, each simply listed as “surgical services”. There … Continued

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Radiation Exposure: Not Always as Dangerous as You Think

Nuclear weapons are very dangerous, yes, but the fear of what these weapons can do has given the public a false impression about radiation (the aftereffects of nuclear exposure) exposure at low levels. Since the atomic bombings of Japan 71 years ago, about 120,000 survivors and 77,000 of their children have been studied to help … Continued

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New Treatment Method Helps Those Hearing Voices

While Congress debates measures to expand the reach of mainstream psychiatry to the severely psychotic, an alternate kind of mental health care is taking a very anti-mainstream direction. It is focused on nonmedical, holistic recovery, rather than treating symptoms, overmedicating, or involuntary restraint. Three quarters of people put on medication for psychosis stop taking it … Continued

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Olympians, Bikinis Found in Rio; Mosquitoes Elusive

Rio locals are continuing life as usual, despite the Zika hype. Since it is winter in Brazil, with temperatures ranging from 66 to 78 during the day, it is hard to find any mosquitos. Zika cases have dropped 93% since January. Dengue fever cases, which is also carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, have also … Continued

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Training Doctors to Treat Addiction

Overdosing on opioids is an epidemic in America. More than 14,000 Americans overdose each year, quadrupling from 1999 to 2014, and doctors are not always properly prepared to help. Many view addiction as a personal vice, not a disease. Some believe it is too difficult to treat in a medical setting. Since the current epidemic … Continued

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The accumulation of bacteria

MRSA-Killing Bacteria Found in Nose

German researchers have discovered an antibiotic based on a bacteria found in your nose. This bacteria kills MRSA, the culprit behind most hospital staph infections. Antibiotics have been overused, leading to resistance. MRSA infections don’t respond to most antibiotics, and they kill about 20,000 people each year. About 30% of people carry the bacteria that … Continued

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