Future of FluMist Nasal Flu Vaccine Uncertain

FluMist, the only non-injectable flu vaccine, was not recommended for use in the United States this winter. Studies showed it offered limited protection the last few years. MedImmune, the company that makes the vaccine, is attempting efforts to fix the vaccine which could be an important component in a future flu pandemic. The vaccine is … Continued

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New Dads Risk Postpartum Depression Too

The stereotypical man does not ask for help. He is the “King of the Castle”: mowing the yard, working on the car, running the remote control, and never asking for directions. They suffer in silence, not asking for emotional help either. Men might not go through the bodily changes and mood swings of pregnancy, but … Continued

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Curious cute kid girl eating dark chocolate and looking fun

How to Eat Sweets and Keep Your Teeth

With the Valentine season over the last two weeks, adults and children alike have been filling up on little candy hearts, as well as plenty of chocolate. Today all those sweets are deeply discounted, so more sweet treats will be eaten in mass the rest of this month. With all that sugary goodness, it is … Continued

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Gardening with Gramma Yuma Ranch

Food Safety from Field to Fork in America’s Salad Bowl

My parents grew up in Yuma, Arizona. One of my grandfathers leveled farmland across Dome Valley, and my other grandfather managed miles of crops there. The agriculture industry still employs 25% of Yuma County workers. Yuma’s growing season lasts from October to March and produces 90% of the nation’s leafy greens, including lettuce, cabbage, spinach, … Continued

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