Using a Video Game to Advance Neuroscience

Over the last 30 years, video games have evolved from Pong to Atari to Nintendo to Playstation. Children of all ages have wasted away numerous hours with the fun characters and a competitive spirit. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the video games developed our minds rather than melting them? Zoran Popovic, a professor of computer … Continued

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Fishermen Cutting the Nets of Opioid Dependence

New England is known for the Patriots, fall foliage, and a variety of fresh seafood. Commercial fishing keeps seafood in abundant supply, but is physically taxing, with long days to weeks out to sea. When fishermen come in to port, they are exhausted and looking for some relaxation. While you enjoy your clam chowder or … Continued

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“Hare” Dyeing Products: Not Just for Eggs

In the next day or so, many of you will be getting those hard-boiled eggs dressed up and ready for Easter. Perhaps you use tie-dye, natural plant coloring, or the standard PAAS tablets with vinegar. All of these methods are non-toxic and kid-friendly. The same cannot be said about some hair dyes. Personally, I go … Continued

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New Drug Helps Psychosis of Advanced Parkinson’s Disease

You may know some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. There are body tremors, slow body movements, and other motor problems. Half of these patients develop psychosis, normally in the later stages of the disease. Sometimes it is a side effect from drugs to improve motor skills. While treating the muscle rigidity and walking difficulties, … Continued

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Marking Insect Prevention with Street Art

Every other month, our friendly pest control man pays us a visit. He shakes out granulated bait in areas where the ants tend to accumulate, then puts on his backpack-style spray gear. He sprays the circumference of the house, about three feet up from the foundation. It appears wet like water and dries shortly after … Continued

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Could “Designer Pigs” Be Future of Organ Transplants?

You’ve seen designer cosmetics, designer jeans, and designer jewelry. These may all be high-end merchandise, but now, a new type of designer is entering the field. Biologist Luhan Yang is working to design genetically altered pig organs which could be used for human transplantation. Yang authored the genome-editing technology called CRISPR in 2013. In 2015, … Continued

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