Fake Sweeteners: Not a Healthy Option for Weight Loss

Pink. Blue. Yellow. You’ve seen the little packets on the tables of many restaurants. The theory of using these artificial sweeteners is to enjoy sweet-tasting food and beverages without all the extra calories, potential weight gain, and other health issues. There isn’t any evidence that sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose help people manage their weight. … Continued

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Fighting the Soda Epidemic in Minority Communities

African American and Latino community groups have sometimes been seen as allies of “Big Soda” for years. However, last week, two prominent African American pastors in the DC area filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association, claiming customers are being deceived about the health risks of sugar-sweetened beverages. The pastors are upset … Continued

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Toxic Chemicals in Common Feminine Hygiene Products

Do you ever feel “not so fresh”? That was a TV commercial slogan for a feminine hygiene product over twenty years ago. Perhaps the reason you may itch and burn when using feminine products is because of the toxic chemicals they contain. The chemicals used in tampons and deodorants expose women to chemicals that are … Continued

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Could a Personalized Vaccine Be the Answer for Cancer?

A small study of melanoma patients is raising hopes that custom-made cancer vaccines may be more effective than current immune-based treatments. A recent paper in Nature reported all six patients had encouraging results. The first cancer treatments used were drugs which interfere with molecules that block immune cells from attacking a tumor. If immune cells … Continued

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Children and Hot Cars: A Deadly Combination

When summertime arrives, two things you will always see on the news are “Stupid Motorists”, who have to be rescued from driving into flooded streets, and “Stupid Parents”, who lock their children or pets in vehicles in the heat of the day. An average of 37 children die in these conditions each year. Most people … Continued

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Insurance Companies Continue Retreat from Marketplace

Competition in the health insurance marketplace has come to a near standstill. The numerous options for plans included dropping prices, while the opposite actually happened. In many states, the options have dwindled to one or none, while more price hikes are expected. Health insurance companies had until yesterday to announce if they would sell plans … Continued

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Rigged: How Insurance Ruined Healthcare

The third party payer system and managed care is a system based on healthcare bean counters and medical bureaucrats regulating expenditures on your medical care, thereby effectively regulating your health. The term MediCrats, accurately describes these people, since they effectively are medical rulers. MediCrats are not at all affiliated with any political party, just as … Continued

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