No Fruit Juice for Children under One Year Old

Parents think that fruit and vegetables in all forms are healthy for their children. Fruit gives a variety of flavors and natural sweetness. Now parents are being advised that fruit juice is not as healthy as they think. The American Academy of Pediatrics previously advised parents to avoid 100 percent fruit juice for infants under … Continued

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Does Poppyseed Oil Aid in Conception?

Poppy seeds are normally found in muffins, on bagels, and sprinkled in salads. They have certain nutritional value, but have you ever considered injecting them into yourself? A new study finds that flushing a woman’s fallopian tubes with a poppyseed oil solution might help a woman conceive. A standard part of infertility evaluations include a … Continued

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Human Sense of Smell Deficiency Debunked

Since I was a kid, I’ve had a good sniffer. I grew up reading Scratch n Sniff books, which I read over and over again. Some of those smells I still detect in my memory today. I also would go in the candle aisle and smell every single scent on the shelf while my mom … Continued

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Common Orthopedic Procedure May Not Be Beneficial

Performed more than two million times per year around the world, knee arthroscopy is the most common orthopedic procedure. An international panel has released a new guideline in the British Medical Journal recommending that patients with degenerative knee disease should not waste their time on this procedure, which offers only minimal benefits. This overuse of … Continued

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How Would the AHCA Affect Employer Health Coverage?

If the American Health Care Act becomes law, those who are self-insured or have Medicaid may be the most affected. Half of all Americans get their health insurance through their employer, and the Act may bring changes to large employer benefit programs. Employers could increase premiums or stop offering coverage entirely. Employers have offered health … Continued

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Sobriety checkpoint sign with vehicle light trails approaching on road

DUIs Include More Than Alcohol Impairment

As the Cinco de Mayo weekend comes to a close, so do the special holiday DUI checkpoints. Hopefully all of you made the smart choice not to drink and drive. However, not all traffic accidents and fatalities are caused by drunk drivers. Drug-impaired driving is a growing concern. A recent report by the Foundation for … Continued

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Sad man addicted to Cocaine, sniffing cocaine at home on his own on the couch

Bringing Drug Treatment into the Home

Don’t try this at home. This could refer to knife-swallowing, gall bladder removal, or dropping a transmission out of a pickup. We will leave those to the professional magicians, surgeons, and mechanics. It would be impossible for the average Joe to safely attempt or succeed at any of these activities. Likewise, the world of drug … Continued

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