Medical Community Split Over Opioid Treatment

After seeing a record number of deaths from prescription opioid medications in the U.S., physicians and regulators are sharply restricting access to drugs like Oxycontin. Patients who truly need the drugs to manage their pain fear for their future treatments. One side of the pain community wants to cut back on all opioid prescribing, while … Continued

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Parents Find New Peanut Guidelines “Nuts”

I never grew to like peanut butter, but I do like all things peanut, be it peanut butter cookies, peanut butter cups, or just straight-up peanuts. Growing up, I didn’t know any kids with peanut allergies nor do I remember it ever being talked about. I didn’t know anyone who had a peanut allergy until … Continued

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Doctor examining a mammogram

One Third of Breast Cancer Unnecessarily Treated

A Danish study published in Annals of Internal Medicine this week finds that one in three women who are diagnosed with breast cancer with a mammogram are treated unnecessarily. The rate of overdiagnosis was estimated by comparing numbers of early-stage and advanced stage breast tumors before and after the country (Denmark) started offering mammograms. There … Continued

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A Real “Buzz-kill”: Running out of Insecticide

Summer has begun in the southern hemisphere and the Zika outbreaks persist. The arsenal of mosquito insecticides is running thin. There soon may not be enough effective chemicals. Zika was recently found in several people in Brownsville, Texas, prompting CDC travel warnings. Miami is still detecting new cases. The market in the United States for … Continued

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A Strategy to Rid the Land of Obamacare

Many Americans have lost their health insurance, their doctors, left with fewer and more expensive choices. Twice as many people have been hurt by the law than helped. Congress indicates that the partial repeal bill vetoed by Obama in 2015 will return. It ends funding for Medicaid expansion and the exchanges. It would also end … Continued

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Wishing You a Happy – and Safe – Holiday Weekend

In order to ensure a safe and injury-free holiday, there are some basic tips regarding home decorating, food preparation, and travel. About 15,000 decorating injuries were bad enough that people went to emergency rooms during the holiday season in 2012. When hanging lights and other decorations, use a proper stepstool or ladder. Make sure there … Continued

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