There is Room at the Inn

Ah, the remains of yesteryear. The low-cost motels that sprung up everywhere decades ago now stand vacant and in disrepair, a mere shell of their previous lives. The lives of homeless people run a strained parallel, lost and forgotten… but not anymore. A homeless nonprofit based in Irvine, California called Illumination Foundation is changing that. … Continued

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Hearing loss is a critical public health issue. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine published their results on how to make hearing health care more accessible and affordable. The barriers: a poor awareness of hearing loss in society, limited access to hearing solutions, high out of pocket costs, and limited assisting devices. Hearing … Continued

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Patients Not Shopping Smart for Health Care

A recent research piece in JAMA surveyed 2,000 insured adults about what factors they considered when making their healthcare choices. Half of the respondents had high-deductible plans, which allow patients to shop around more for care. Even though they had the ability to shop with their own money, they stated that having price information available … Continued

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Samaritan Ministries & MediBid: Working Together to Save You Money

Options are what make the market work. Having many options available will result in a variety of different experiences and costs. Patients prefer to find the best medical care, not just the lowest price. MediBid helps you find these options for care. Samaritan Ministries is not an insurance company that manages patient choice; all patients … Continued

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Don’t Fall For The ‘Nocebo Effect’! 5 Ways to Implement and Get Positive Results for Your Health

Ever noticed how well a certain treatment worked for which you had positive or high expectations? The patient’s expectations, whether in the negative or positive, directly influence the degree to which a treatment is effective. This has been further noted by a 2012 German-led study, according to which ‘vulnerable, ill, or injured patients are highly … Continued
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