How Effective is Your Active Wear?

With the NBA Playoffs underway, I’m sure you have noticed some of the players wearing tights under their uniform shorts. I started noticing this in college athletes over the last few years, but did not know the purpose. Compression pants have become quite trendy and fashionable to recreational athletes as well. It was not until … Continued

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Staying Active Postpones Seniors’ Loss of Mobility

Many people believe that when they retire, they can just relax and lounge all day. Research has proven that exercise can improve memory and reverse muscle loss. A new study has found that regular physical activity reduces time living with mobility-limiting disability. The study took 1,600 sedentary people ages 70-89 years old who could walk … Continued

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Make Spring Cleaning a Workout

Chores you do around the house and garden can burn calories and stretch and tone muscles if done correctly. Short episodes of mild exercise can improve your fitness level if done with intensity and speed. Adding 30 minutes of chores to a 30-minute traditional exercise activity makes for a full hour of exercise. The following … Continued

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Want to Get Lean and Fit? Don’t Do Cardio

Want to Get Lean and Fit? Then Don’t Do Traditional “Cardio” Exercise by Lee Kurisko, MD For many, this is heresy but I believe that it is true. Have you ever noticed the people frequenting the ellipticals and treadmills at the gym? Most of them look exactly the same six months later. In fact, virtually … Continued

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