Relieving the Burn for Tanning Salons

Spring has sprung here in the desert southwest. Wildflowers and flip-flops are everywhere. Those who are enduring a lingering winter are yearning for our heaven-sent warmth and sunshine. They may resort to tanning salons to help their seasonal affective disorder or Vitamin D deficiency, and soon the costs of visits may be dropping. As Congress … Continued

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Reducing the Fungus, Protecting the Harvest

Crops all over the world are susceptible to infection by Aspergillus fungi. This fungus produces aflatoxins, which stunt children’s growth, increases risk of liver cancer, and makes people more prone to diseases like HIV and malaria. In the U.S., crops are tested for aflatoxin and burned if levels are over 20 parts per billion. There … Continued

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Putting Medical “Waste” to Good Use

Hospitals throw away thousands of pounds of medical supplies, instruments, and machines every year. Items that are in patient rooms or operating rooms that are not used are unnecessarily discarded. Products that are not expired and are unopened are sent to the dump. There is nothing wrong with any of these items. A non-profit in … Continued

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Green color on the traffic light with a beautiful blue sky in background

At the Green Light, Pain Takes Off

Going out in nature always has a soothing effect. Stress goes away, pain subsides, and the mind clears. It may not be the quiet surroundings that relax the body, but the actual plants themselves. It’s not some chemical they release, but the color that emanates from the leaves into our brains – green. Researchers at … Continued

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Women in Labor Turned Away from Hospitals

Growing a human is a true labor of love. When the time comes for the arrival of the child, every mother wants to have reliable medical professionals ready to handle their needs. Pregnant women in rural areas have several risk factors, including insufficient prenatal care, tobacco and alcohol use during pregnancy, and few choices of … Continued

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Thawing Frozen Organs Closer to Reality

When organs are cryopreserved, returning them to functionality is the hard part. Current warming techniques create small cracks in the tissues. New research is working on a method that could rewarm larger pieces of tissue without major damage. This new method could lead to storing organs for transplant. Scientists from the University of Minnesota published … Continued

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911 Keeps Hospice Patients Out of the ER

Fort Worth area paramedics have partnered with VITAS Healthcare, the country’s largest hospice organization, to treat hospice patients to help avoid trips to the ER. These specially trained community paramedics spend time with the patient and family, most often reducing a costly hospital trip and unnecessary treatment. An average of 18% of hospice patients go … Continued

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Future of FluMist Nasal Flu Vaccine Uncertain

FluMist, the only non-injectable flu vaccine, was not recommended for use in the United States this winter. Studies showed it offered limited protection the last few years. MedImmune, the company that makes the vaccine, is attempting efforts to fix the vaccine which could be an important component in a future flu pandemic. The vaccine is … Continued

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