Insurance Companies Continue Retreat from Marketplace

Competition in the health insurance marketplace has come to a near standstill. The numerous options for plans included dropping prices, while the opposite actually happened. In many states, the options have dwindled to one or none, while more price hikes are expected. Health insurance companies had until yesterday to announce if they would sell plans … Continued

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Rigged: How Insurance Ruined Healthcare

The third party payer system and managed care is a system based on healthcare bean counters and medical bureaucrats regulating expenditures on your medical care, thereby effectively regulating your health. The term MediCrats, accurately describes these people, since they effectively are medical rulers. MediCrats are not at all affiliated with any political party, just as … Continued

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Lead Found to Be Common in Baby Foods

We all know that sources of lead exposure like peeling paint and contaminated drinking water should be avoided by all, especially children. Lead causes problems with attention and behavior, cognitive development, the cardiovascular system, and immune system. Even low levels can cause damage. A new report finds that baby food may be a problem also. … Continued

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Female executive running to the toilet

Taking a Shot at Female Bladder Control Issues

Urinary incontinence is common among women. One quarter of young women, half of middle aged women, and three quarters of older women experience involuntary urine loss. Although a common problem, not many women feel comfortable talking about it. Over $19.5 billion is spent each year on treatments, ranging from behavioral modification, physical therapy, medication, and … Continued

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How Effective is Your Active Wear?

With the NBA Playoffs underway, I’m sure you have noticed some of the players wearing tights under their uniform shorts. I started noticing this in college athletes over the last few years, but did not know the purpose. Compression pants have become quite trendy and fashionable to recreational athletes as well. It was not until … Continued

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Sandwich Shop Offers Side of Opioid Addiction Kicker

Who doesn’t like a good hoagie or cheesesteak? The secret is all in the bread, you know. East Coast Super Subs in Tucson, Arizona is offering up a little something extra with your lunch special. Sub shop owner, Keith McNesby, came from a South Jersey town where his family ran a sandwich shop, Italian eatery, … Continued

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Increasing Mental Health Options for Veterans

This Memorial Day weekend we remember those who lost their lives while serving their country in the military. Those service men and women who did return from conflict bear battle wounds, both on the outside and inside. Those who suffer from mental issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, sometimes suffer in silence, while their issues … Continued

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