Nutritious Foods

Nutrition: A Powerful Way to Support Recovery from Surgery and Overall Health

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Whether you are preparing for surgery or another procedure, recovering from an illness or treatment, or just focused on your health, it’s important to think of your body as a machine that is fueled by food and water. To keep your machine running well, you need a healthy balance of proper nutrition.

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woman health

Celebrate Women With National Women’s Health Week

Each year starting on Mother’s Day, we celebrate National Women’s Health Week. It’s a great time to support and encourage girls and women to make their personal health a priority. We, at MediBid, support women’s health awareness, and we hope you do too!   Why is women's health important? Women play a major role in … Continued
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Why Vegetarianism is Bad for You – Retraction Part Five

by Lee Kurisko, MD When discussing different diets, the case is made why this diet or that diet is the best way to go. Having said that, there is only one diet that has ever been shown to prevent and even reverse heart disease, the number one killer in the Western world. That diet is … Continued

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