Parents Find New Peanut Guidelines “Nuts”

I never grew to like peanut butter, but I do like all things peanut, be it peanut butter cookies, peanut butter cups, or just straight-up peanuts. Growing up, I didn’t know any kids with peanut allergies nor do I remember it ever being talked about. I didn’t know anyone who had a peanut allergy until … Continued

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Wishing You a Happy – and Safe – Holiday Weekend

In order to ensure a safe and injury-free holiday, there are some basic tips regarding home decorating, food preparation, and travel. About 15,000 decorating injuries were bad enough that people went to emergency rooms during the holiday season in 2012. When hanging lights and other decorations, use a proper stepstool or ladder. Make sure there … Continued

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Headphones and Hearing Loss in Children

This holiday season, parents will be clambering to get their children the newest in electronic toy gifts. Call me a Scrooge, but I don’t believe that children should have electronic toys like iPads and cell phones. (Good thing I don’t have kids to “deprive”). However, a new analysis of headphone products found that half of … Continued

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Getting Burned by Imitation Aloe Products

The summer heat may be gone, but that doesn’t mean that the winter sun still can’t burn you. Aloe has been used since ancient Egypt for burns and skin irritations. For those who don’t live in the southwest U.S., most Americans don’t have access to the speared succulent filled with cooling goo. The U.S. market … Continued

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Social Media Connections Improve Health

A new paper published in PNAS says that those who spend time on social media live longer. The paper states that the health effects of active social lives online mirror the benefits of good social lives offline. People with more online friends are less likely to die than those who are “disconnected”. This contradicts assumptions … Continued

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Are You Eating Dessert for Breakfast?

At IHOP, dessert is what’s for breakfast. Menu items such as New York cheesecake or raspberry white chocolate pancakes have 83 grams of sugar. That’s 21 teaspoons, while the daily recommended amount is no more than 12 teaspoons. The average American consumes 23 teaspoons of sugar each day. Other sweet treats are disguised as healthy … Continued

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When the Lights Go Down in the City

The American Medical Association (AMA) issued a policy statement at their annual meeting in Chicago on June 14 regarding street lighting. Many cities are replacing their high pressure sodium lamps with long-lasting LEDs to save money on energy and maintenance. The AMA issued guidelines of how to choose LEDs that minimize harmful human health and … Continued

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