COVID-19 Increases Need for Virtual Medicine

By Ralph Weber

Most Americans are scrambling to adapt to the temporary new reality with COVID-19. I believe that even after we get through this pandemic, that we as a society will have changed. Many hospitals, doctor’s offices, and surgery centers have been forced to limit the procedures they perform to urgent ones only. Most of these same hospitals have empty beds and waiting rooms.

Doctors in many of these facilities are responding to patient needs via Skype or Facetime platforms in order to make sure all patient needs are met. If you, as a patient, have concerns over COVID-19 symptoms or treatment or any other medical needs, virtual medicine represents a solution where you don’t need to physically go in to a doctor’s office, urgent care, or emergency room and face possible infection from another patient. After all, this is where sick people go!

In this time of uncertainty, many Americans are anxious about their financial situations. Will they maintain full time employment and be able to pay the bills? Will they be infected? Because of this, we have seen an increasing need for virtual psychiatry consultations through MediBid.

Whether your need is for a virtual consult with a pediatrician, a psychologist, or a family doctor, we have the specialists to respond. Children, in particular, respond well to a video consultation.

For those of you who need these types of services or any other medical procedure, please submit a new request through MediBid. For those of you who have an employer sponsored plan through us, please reach out to us on employer sponsored solutions.

We wish you and your family’s good health throughout this crisis, and please take reasonable precautions to stay healthy and safe.