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Is Paying Cash the Best Method for Medical Care?

Nearly 6,000 physicians across the country run cash-only practices, and that number continues to increase by 25% each year. Physicians wish to regain control over their practice from the reigns of insurance and spend more time with patients. A cash-only practice may be called “concierge” or “direct primary care”, where patients pay a membership monthly … Continued

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7 Myths About Medication

Misconceptions about medicine are as common as pills on a pharmacy shelf. We could all use a healthy dose of the truth. Pharmacist Marcia Wyman, PharmD, BCPS, debunks seven common myths about medications: 1. If you’re really hurting, you can ignore the label and take more pills. Fact: When you’re in severe pain, you may look … Continued
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Transition From Pediatric to Adult Health Care

Preparing for change is a challenge. In corporate America, an entire cottage industry has sprung up around teaching executives to lead change. As caregivers for children, we all lead change frequently. We prepare for transitions. With children, these milestones include the first day of kindergarten, the liberty of being a licensed driver and the-going-off-to-college day, … Continued
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Does Fall Make You Sick?

The start of fall shows itself with the arrival of cooler weather, shorter daylight hours, yellowing leaves, Christmas shopping sales, and pumpkin-flavored everything. Fall also brings about the not-so-welcome sicknesses of the cooler season. These seasonal temperature changes create all kinds of health problems. Allergies – More than fifty million Americans suffer from fall allergies. … Continued

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Employer Insurance – The Devil is in the Details

During World War ll, employer-sponsored healthcare was born.  The government dangled tax-free healthcare at employers and they took the bait. Some may think it is the insurance companies and pharmaceutical industry that have caused so many problems; it is these employer plans that resulted in higher costs, fewer options, and lower quality. These plans prevent … Continued

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Early Introduction of Peanuts to Infants May Help Reduce Allergies Down the Road

If introduced to infants with potential for a high risk peanut allergy in their early diet, this could very well prevent most cases of nut related allergies later on in life according to experts. Of course, there’s still room for further research, but for care providers whose primary concern relates to the introduction of certain … Continued
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