Ebola: From Failure Comes Containment

Last year, the Ebola virus killed over 11,000 people – an outbreak that was not reported until three months after it began. The virus remains in the body after the patient has recovered and can sicken and infect others months after recovery. A few cases of Ebola have been reported recently in Liberia and there … Continued

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Putting Motherhood in the Deep Freeze

Egg freezing for medical reasons has been around for decades. In 2012, egg freezing was declared to no longer be an experimental procedure, making it available to women who don’t have a medical reason for it. More and more women find themselves in a situation where freezing their eggs makes sense. Most are professional women … Continued

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Forecast Looks Poor for UnitedHealth Exchange Future

Last month, UnitedHealth insurance sounded optimistic about their prospects, yet on Thursday, United lowered its profit estimates due to losing $600 million from individual policies on the federal exchange market. The company stock immediately fell almost 6%, and they expect exchange-related losses to be 45 cents a share. They are considering pulling out of the … Continued

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Why Single Payer is Not the Answer

by Lee Kurisko, MD We were promised that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would “bend the cost curve down”, and yet health insurance premiums are expected to rise by as much as 60% in 2016. What should be done to solve this dilemma? A common refrain is that since the “free market” has … Continued

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What Should You Eat Before Working Out?

by Adrienne Snavely You most likely have an exercise plan before getting started, and this should include a healthy snack or small meal. In order to perform at the top of your game, eating the right foods will provide enough energy for the entire workout and help your body recover afterwards. Not eating before a … Continued

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Crop rows in San Luis Obispo County, California.

Cases of Valley Fever on the Rise in Southwest

Fall in the southwest US means moderate temperatures and the start of a new growing season. Be it planting mums in your front yard or commercially-farmed lettuce fields, fall is the perfect time for digging in the soil. Unfortunately, the fungus Coccidioides thrives in the arid landscape of the southwest, resulting in the illness called … Continued

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Medical Staff Pushing Patient in Wheelchair

Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Cut From Obamacare Plans

Preferred Provider Plans (PPOs) normally cover specialized medical treatment such as cancer care. The federal Obamacare exchange in a growing number of markets, including Houston, will no longer offer these plans previously privately purchased by individuals rather than from an employer. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas stated that these plans are no longer sustainable … Continued

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