Relieving the Burn for Tanning Salons

Spring has sprung here in the desert southwest. Wildflowers and flip-flops are everywhere. Those who are enduring a lingering winter are yearning for our heaven-sent warmth and sunshine. They may resort to tanning salons to help their seasonal affective disorder or Vitamin D deficiency, and soon the costs of visits may be dropping.

As Congress works to repeal portions of the ACA, this includes reversing taxes such as the 10% tax on tanning sessions. The “tan tax” has been a job killer, with half of the country’s 18,500 tanning salons closing since 2010 due to increased costs. Nearly 81,000 jobs were lost.

Americans are more health conscious than in past few decades, as 8% of skin cancer cases are linked to indoor tanning. Dermatologists and the skin care industry have convinced the government that the sun is bad for you. The tax added to the social stigma against tan skin, that noticeably tan people are said to be irresponsible with their skin health. Regular tanning salon customers have already cut back on visits, which cost between $15 and $30 per session.

Eliminating the tax would reduce the government’s revenue by $600 million in the next 10 years. If repealed, the tax would no longer be collected after next January 1. Removing the tax will allow these small businesses to grow their business, be profitable, pay taxes, and employ Americans.

Stech, Katy and Rubin, Richard. “Tanning Salons See Ray of Hope in ACA Tax Repeal.” Health Policy. The Wall Street Journal, 16 Mar 2017. Web. 19 Mar 2017.

One response

How ridiculous is the article!!! As if the untruthful greedy tanning industry needs a boost so that America will be saved and have more jobs come available to employ Americans. Really? Thats quite an intelligent and accurate comprehensive analysis of the American economy. Does this bonehead, who can’t even put together a grammatically correct, cohesive thought driven article have family or friends in the tanning industry? Oh yeah, repealing the tax will help the greedy tanning industry “grow their businesses..and their profits”but at what expense (read below). “Employ Americans”…now that is truly a reach. How many people are truly put to work at a tanning salon? What..one high school or college kid working the front desk? This read is almost comical..I thought it was an early April Fools joke!

Also, lets just bury our heads in the sand and forget about these facts: 1. Ultraviolet is a proven human carcinogen and tanning devices are now classified in Group 1 by the World Health Organization as the most dangerous cancer causing agents, along with plutonium and cigarettes….. 2. 76% of melanomas in young people, the deadliest form of skin cancer, are attributed to tanning bed usage (people who first use a tanning bed by the age of 35 increase their risk of melanoma by 75%) ….3. Indoor tanners also have a 69% increased risk of basal cell carcinoma (the most common skin cancer which already affects up to 1 in 4 people during their lifetime… 4.The greedy tanning industry is not suffering..they have an estimated annual revenue of over $5 billion dollars by misleading people into the false security of a warm glow, Vit D, cure for depression, unicorns and puppy dog tails.

Actually taxing the tanning industry was about the only thing good that came out of the ACA..everything else needs to be fully repealed!

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