Samaritan Ministries & MediBid: Working Together to Save You Money

Options are what make the market work. Having many options available will result in a variety of different experiences and costs. Patients prefer to find the best medical care, not just the lowest price. MediBid helps you find these options for care.

Samaritan Ministries is not an insurance company that manages patient choice; all patients are self-funded. Self-funding drives down costs. Physicians who work directly for the patient, not the insurance company, will take interest in their patient’s needs and be more accessible, making early diagnosis easier. Patients who pay their own way will do research into their non-emergency medical needs, opting not always for the closest location or lowest cost. MediBid provides background information on physicians and complete transparency of prices.

Watch and listen to Samaritan Ministries’ Executive Vice President James Lansberry talk about how important it is to shop for medical care


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