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Doctors Wish You’d Really Stop Making These Mistakes

Making mistakes is an inevitable part of life; however, immense care and precaution should be taken when it comes to our health and general well-being. After all, there’s only so much your health provider will be able to do for you, and just like with everything else, meeting halfway is the only thing all doctors ask for. Following are some mistakes that healthcare providers everywhere ardently wish you to stop repeating.

Mistake #1: Calling 911 from a Cell Phone

This is something that irks paramedics most, as calling from a cell phone makes it difficult to instantly pinpoint the exact location! If you have the option of calling from a landline, please do so as that will help with discovering the exact location instantly.

Mistake #2: Driving Yourself to the Hospital

What’s the need to drive yourself all the way to the hospital when you do have the facility of calling 911? Especially when in the middle of a heart attack! Now consider this: what if your heart stops while driving to the hospital?

Mistake #3: Waiting Out Stroke Symptoms

This is one mistake many patients are guilty of making and many more will continue to make even after reading this. Doctors lay strong emphasis on paying a visit to the hospital the minute they feel the signature symptoms of an impending stroke. Waiting a week for symptoms to subside could prove to be very late.

Mistake #4: Not Asking for Clarification If You Didn’t Understand Something

Your primary healthcare provider probably isn’t psychic, which is why it’s very important to speak up and ask whatever you have trouble in understanding, be it regarding a certain medication, a treatment suggested, etc. By doing this, will not only keep you in the loop but also enable you to make good choices.

Mistake #5: Using Old/Expired Medication

This one is pretty obvious and the reason not to follow it even more so in the case of eye drops. Most people think that eye-drops don’t have an expiration date; this however, is far from true. While the old bottle of steroid drops might help make the redness of your eye a bit better, in most cases, the infection will worsen by doing so.

Mistake #6: Not Thinking Things Through

The emergency rooms of hospitals see an influx of people involved in some kind of mindless accident resulting in an injury especially during the early spring days. This is the time when people largely undertake home improvement projects that involve sharp, pointy tools and equipment that they aren’t qualified to use in the first place.

Mistake #7: Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer, as people are well aware. This doesn’t stop many from the act! Various studies on the matter suggest that quitting the habit even while in your seventies can significantly improve survival rates. As doctors say; one thing that patients can do for their health, is to stop smoking.

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