Ralph Weber Talks MediCrats with FreedomWorks – Part 3

MediBid is the free market answer to rising healthcare costs. Employer-sponsored plans, as well as self-insured individuals, make up most of MediBid’s customers. On MediBid, a patient makes a procedure request which gets sent out to physicians and facilities around the world. Physicians place bids on that request, which the patient then can choose from. Competition, innovation, more training, and better technology have brought medical prices down. Keeping health care prices down results in driving down costs to businesses. MediBid has total transparency in physicians’ quality, outcomes, training, experience, history, and what is included in the bid/fee. Government doesn’t provide innovation, businesses and entrepreneurs do. The obstacles that the government has put in people’s way must be solved by businesses.  As the Priceline for healthcare, MediBid is doing something different to change the current system, bringing real savings to the patient.

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