Should You Worry About Phthalate Exposure While Pregnant?

phthaltesChemicals called phthalates are used to make plastic items more flexible. They are found in packaged foods and personal care products. In the past few years, studies showed that phthalate exposure put pregnant women at risk of complications and fetal development problems. Oxidative stress, when damaging free radicals outnumber antioxidants to fight them, causes a harmful imbalance leading to cancer, dementia, and possibly preterm birth. This new study shows that higher exposure to the chemicals led to increased concentration of the biomarkers for oxidative stress in pregnant women. This research is still early, but it would be good to reduce the amount of chemicals consumed while pregnant. Check food labels and eat natural products to protect against potential phthalate damage.
Birch, Jenna. “Phthalate Exposure During Pregnancy: How Worried Should You Be?” Health. Yahoo, 18 Nov 2014. Web. 2 Dec 2014.

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