The Trap Known as Health Insurance

The cost of health carinsurancee is on the rise and is continuing to grow exponentially. One of the biggest factors to this cost is health insurance. Third parties don’t care about quality or affordability. They are spending your money for you, without your knowledge or say-so. A growing number of physicians have freed themselves from the hassles and regulations involved with insurance by refusing to allow third party payers in their practice. This preserves the patient-physician relationship – cutting out the middleman. This is also what MediBid does – matching cash patients with physicians in a transparent and competitive marketplace.

Jeff Singer MD, author of the original article (see below), is a general surgeon in Phoenix who offers his services on MediBid.
Roy, Avik. “The Health Insurance Trap.” Opinion. Forbes, 9 May 2014. Web. 15 July 2014.


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