He who does not work, shall not eat

He who does not work, shall not eat!

This was the edict of Captain John SmithCaptain John Smith after the killing winter of 1609 when only 50 of the original settlers survived. This was due to the arrogance of the British Aristocrats who refused to work based on the entitlement of their positions.

While there are some people who temporarily, or even sometimes permanently need a helping had (and that’s what charity used to do), most people want to be self sufficient. Unfortunately as “medical care” morphed to “healthcare” over the last 50-60 years, the healthcare marketplace was decimated. Special interest groups all lobby to have their special cause covered.

Some want contraception covered, some want wigs covered, some want Medicaid expansion, some want other people to pay for their medical care, some want insurance expanded, but without fail most of them increase the cost, and reduce the access to medical care.

MediBid has the solution. At MediBid, medical care is the product, and the transaction is directly between the doctor and the patient. This is as it should be. The patient-doctor relationship is restored though our confidential secure site, where privacy is restored to medicine. If you visit a “provider” who works for the insurance company, or Medicare, you have no privacy at all, and in some cases your private medical data is exposed to government and insurance MediCrats.

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