The Path to Patient-Centered Care

Paying cash for your medical care is “taking a different path” in today’s world of Big Insurance.  Many people, even US Supreme Court Justices, think that you MUST have insurance in order to receive care. 

This is a story of a Canadian who wanted a certain procedure and was willing to go out-of-network and pay cash to get it.  In the land of single-payer health care, even private clinics in Canada are popping up.  They are finding out that paying cash to be able to select their own physician and treatments creates competition.  Canada is seeing the light as the US is heading into the darkness.

Many Canadians looking for timely, affordable medical care come to the US for treatment.  They use MediBid to find the procedures and treatments they require without the hassle of insurance or waiting lists getting in their way.

The Path to Patient-Centred Care

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health website has a diagram showing the ten steps patients take on their path through diagnostic imaging in the public health care system. I decided to take a different path.

During an appointment with my family doctor I told her that I was willing and able to leave the province to access a diagnostic tool called a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan. I found a private clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I could pay directly for the scan. My doctor wrote a referral and the clinic scheduled my appointment within a couple of days. I received an electronic copy of the scan before I left the clinic and the results of the scan were emailed to my doctor and me two days after my appointment.

Here’s why I didn’t choose the public health care route:

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