Video of the Week: Elaina George, MD on What is Really Driving the Direction the Health Care Industry, Greed and Fear, and a Call to Action!

Elaina George, MD takes a thoughtful and insightful look at what is really driving the direction the health care industry has taken and most importantly, how and why to stop it. This is definitely worth watching…I have watched it twice and it moved me both times. Most surprising to me was that not only is the government trying to force patients to buy insurance, it is forcing physicians to purchase and utilized the electronic health record system, or face a $100,000 fine for the 1st offense and jail time for the 2nd! This electronic health record system destroys the foundation of the patient/physician relationship: patient privacy. It will share patient health records with an estimated 2.2 million unnamed entities including insurance companies.  How can a physician properly care for a patient that feels like they can’t be open about medical issues they wouldn’t want the world to know about. Unless patient health information is attached to an unidentifiable ID, it is not safe.

Our government is supposed to work FOR us, not AGAINST us. It is more than obvious ObamaCare is not about helping the 5% of the population that cannot afford insurance or qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, it is about control and it is about time we put a stop to it before the freedom that makes our country great disappears forever.


“Greed and fear are the two factors which lead us to the practice of healthcare as we know it”~Elaina George, MD

If you enjoyed this video, you might also want to listen to Monday’s MediTalk where Dr. George was the special guest. You can also check out her radio show, Medicnie on Call with Dr. Elaina George here.


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