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MediTalk Podcast: David Allen – Free Market Health Care

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On Monday, 7/25/11, David Allen was the guest on MediTalk radio to discuss free market health care with Dr. Lee Kurisko:

  Dr. Lee Kurisko: “About 6 or 9 months ago, I believe you wrote an article in a local Minnesota publication that was very fair and balanced regarding Obamacare and overall you were not in favor of it, but you did point out some things that, in your mind, were actually good.”

David Allen: “The metaphor that I think of Lee, is it’s like our health care financing system is an old, beat of Yugo with the wheels about to fall off, about to take its last gasp.  What Obamacare does is it tightens the wheels back on, it adds a new steering wheel and maybe a new transmission and patches some rust spots.  It does a lot of things to make the Yugo fit for a few more tens of thousands of miles.  Leaving the metaphor now, it created a pathway to covering about 40-50 million Americans who don’t have health care coverage.  It created a set of rules that insurance companies need to follow nationally such as prohibiting the exclusion or the rating of people for pre-existing conditions.  And it made some tweaks to the carburetor, the payment reform that powers our health care system by making a tiny bit more dependent on quality and patient satisfaction or at least some limited measure of that rather than just based on the volume of care quality.”

Dr. Lee Kursiko: “But going back to you analogy, though, it’s still a Yugo.”

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