Fee-Splitting is More than Just Doctor to Doctor

“Fee-splitting is a common practice … in which the contract management company takes a portion of the physician-generated fees for management expenses and overhead. In some cases, the percentage of fees taken can be excessive and far beyond the fair market value for the services rendered by the contract management company. “*

Talk to your state medical board for more information about fee-splitting in your state.

Got your attention?  Good.  It is so important to know that fee-splitting is more than just splitting professional fees between doctors, but in many states ANY split of professional fees, even excessive mark-ups for medical services, is considered fee-splitting and grounds to have a medical license revoked.  This may not mean much to the management company, but it means a LOT to the physician.  This is why there is no fee-splitting on MediBid.  The patient pays the physician directly so that they know there was no mark-up from MediBid of the medical service fees.  The price you see on MediBid is the real price.  Some companies will call the doctor on behalf of a patient, then mark-up the price without telling either party, so that patient pays the company $13,000 and the company pays the physician $7,000 and no one is the wiser.  This is not the practice of MediBid.  We value our physicans and the very last thing we want to do is subject them to any possible loss of license.  

*The quote above was taken from the American Academy of Emergency Medicine

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