Concierge Medicine

Do you know what Concierge Medicine is?

Find a Concierge Doctor on MediBidDo you know what Concierge Medicine is?  It has recently been featured in Canadian News Outlets, and there are several Concierge Doctors on MediBid, but not everyone knows what it is. 

A Concierge Doctor is a whole new level of ‘personal doctor.’  You pay an annual fee to the doctor, which includes an annual physical, and they become a resource for you any time you need them.  Many Concierge Doctors allow patients to have access to them via email and cell phone.  There are no additional fees for your use of their time, but there would be extra fees for certain labs or tests they might order for you. 

If you are the kind of person who often thinks “I wish I could just pick up the phone and ask my doctor about this, without having to make an appointment 2 weeks away just to get 5 minutes of face-to-face time…” a Concierge Doctor may be just what you need.


Dr. Brian Goldman hosted an online radio interview on Friday, March 11, 2011 together with Live Right Now, Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 137 and CBC’s initiative to help Canadians live healthier. Dr. Goldman interviews one Canadian physician who is operating a successful concierge practice in Canada and has found a legal way to work and operate around The Canada Health Act.

These days, lots of people want priority access to everything from concerts to banking, and willing to pay for that privilege. Health care is no exception. “Concierge medicine” flourishes in the US, and it exists here too.

On this week’s show: how health care tries to lure the customer. You’ll hear from a doctor who got fed up providing “coach-class” medicine in the publicly funded system. Now he runs a practice where he always returns patients’ calls at night. And you’ll hear why some critics argue private clinics are a symptom of universal health care in trouble.

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