Healthcare Textiles Guidelines Are No Joke

I wanted to share this link with you about health textiles (scrubs, lab coats, etc.), but currently, it is just a mailing list to get the article when it is released.  If you want to get on the mailing list, the information from SurgiStrategies is below.  I like the question she asks – have you ever encountered someone wearing scrubs in an inappropriate place?

by Jessica Barreras, Associate Editor at SurgiStrategies

So a guy walks into a bar…

Usually, this is where the joke begins, but my rendition is a little different. As he walks in, you notice that the usual Friday-night attire is nowhere to be seen…he is in SCRUBS! Downtown Phoenix many hospitals and bars in the same vicinity, so this scenario happens more than I would like to admit. While my friends have had to listen to me go on and on about various rules and guidelines about healthcare apparel in the public place, fortunately you will not have to.

In collaboration with our sister publication, Infection Control Today, SurgiStrategies will be publishing an exclusive report, “Healthcare Textiles: Laundry Science and Infection Prevention,” that will explore the science of healthcare textile laundering and issues related to the prevention of cross-contamination. Be one of the first to receive this report by clicking HERE.

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