How do I opt out?

Some of you may have already heard that Muslims can opt-out of Obamacare for their religious beliefs.  There are other religions that share in this ability to op-out, without being fined, due to an objection to insurance in general:




Christian Scientists

Native Americans

But what about everyone else?  If someone just says “I’m Amish” on a government form, can they opt-out, too?  I really don’t care what religion the government thinks I am, it’s none of their business, so I’m just wondering if there will be a fine for lying about religious beliefs on the opt-out form?  Probably, since health insurance is now going to be reported on our taxes and we can’t lie on our taxes.  How about if we make a new religion and claim the same moral objection, but only to forced insurance?  Would that work?  The religion of AntiObamacareianity. 

I’m sure someone out there will try to make it work.  I saw on the news that there are groups that have tried to make a marajuana religion so that they can legally smoke pot in “church.”  If that works, I don’t see why an anti-forced-insurance religion wouldn’t work.  

But if you aren’t ready to claim a different religion just to opt-out, I found a patient opt-out form.  I don’t know if it will help.  So far, the list keeps growing, but I think we will all have to wait to see what the courts rule.

Modeled on the National Do Not Call Registry, the Social Security Institute, a 501(c)(4) organization, has an online effort,, to “allow individuals to sign up on the National ObamaCare Opt Out Registry.”

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