Canadian Medicare vs Medical Tourism

“Medicare, while fundamentally a public insurance program designed to spread risk, has its roots in social justice – the notion that basic healthcare services should be available to all regardless of ability to pay. Implicit too in the medicare model is that there will be rationing, that the care offered will not be limitless, lest the system become unaffordable.”  From the Globe and Mail:

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Shouldn’t choice be the first question asked?

I am a Canadian citizen who had to go to the US because my wife was crippled by a 2 year wait for surgery, and I ended up staying in the US. Later, I met another Canadian in the US, he was a Canadian doctor who had relocated to the US because he could not deliver medical care outside of OHIP, and the system had turned him into the rationer-in-chief.

We now help Canadians to get medical care in the US, and overseas at reasonable rates. We’re talking to OHIP, Alberta Health and the Medical Services Plan of BC, because we feel that if the system is going to make a promise, they should deliver on it.

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