Michael Gerson – With health reform, familiarity is breeding contempt

Columnist Attributes Public Skepticism For Health Reform To Discomfort With Social Democracy.

In an op-ed in the Washington Post (5/28), columnist Michael Gerson writes, “In closing the deal on healthcare reform, Democratic leaders assured wavering legislators that the plan would grow more popular with time as its benefits became clear.” But, “after a brief bump, support for Democratic health reform has declined,” Gerson notes. He says that “since the New Deal, Democrats have viewed times of economic crisis as opportunities for government expansion.” Gerson points out that now, “one and a half years after a financial meltdown…58 percent of Americans agree that ‘the government has gone too far in…interfering with the free enterprise system.” He concludes, “Americans are troubled with health reform, not because they lack knowledge of its provisions, but because they are uncomfortable with social democracy.”

Michael Gerson – With health reform, familiarity is breeding contempt.

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