ObamaCare’s Tort Deform – IBD – Investors.com

The way I read it. If Medicaid pays badly for a medical service, primary care, whatever, so very few doctors will work with Medicaid.

Then a Medicaid recipient needs that particular medical service, and does not receive that service in a timely manner. I’m not sure what “timely manner” means. I’m not sure if the Medicaid recipient has to experience some sort of complication from the wait.

In any event, the obamacare law now gives that Medicaid recipient a cause of action to sue. Do I understand this correctly?

If accurate, the response of the states may be to find a way to force doctors to provide the service, see the Medicaid recipient, no matter what the payment.

ObamaCare’s Tort Deform – IBD – Investors.com.

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