B.C. hospital cancels 300 surgeries over dirty tools – CTV British Columbia

I guess it’s better not to have surgery, than to have surgery with dirty tools.

I wonder if anyone ever thought to just clean the tools?

via B.C. hospital cancels 300 surgeries over dirty tools – CTV British Columbia.
B.C. hospital cancels 300 surgeries over dirty tools
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Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, B.C., is reviewing its procedures for cleaning and sanitizing surgical equipment.

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By: ctvbc.ca

Date: Tuesday Feb. 16, 2010 6:38 PM PT

About 300 elective surgeries at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, B.C., were cancelled this week because of concerns about the cleaning and sterilization of surgical equipment, health officials announced Tuesday.

“We are taking this extraordinary step to ensure patient safety,” said Jon Slater, an Interior Health medical director, in a statement.

“Our system has numerous checks and balances in place to avoid situations like this but it’s not always perfect. We will be conducting our own review and have also arranged for an external review.”

Slater told The Canadian Press that contaminated surgical instruments were detected on three occasions in the past 11 days.

One of those was considered a critical incident in which a patient was exposed to potentially infectious equipment.

In other instances, old glue was found on a surgical pan and bone fragments were found on a drill.

Darshan Lindsay, an Interior Health spokeswoman, told ctvbc.ca that an external auditor arrived at the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

The cancelled surgeries have not yet been rescheduled, she said.

There is no indication that any patients suffered ill-effects as a result of exposure to contaminated instruments.

Emergency surgeries will continue at the hospital under enhanced cleaning procedures, officials said.


21 responses

It’s not fair that people should have to pay and it’s not fair that doctors should make money on sickness. The government should be responsible for that and doctors should not earn over $80,000 a year. Only senior govement officials shouldake that much

I am really sorry that someone would feel that a doctor or any professional with expertise is not worthy of a good living. i am even more sorry for the person who believes that government officials are worthy of more than a professional in the marketplace.
here’s the good news. If that person gets sick, a doctor will always be there to help him and be responsible for the results. I am proud to be a member of that profession

Joe Canuk, I’m not sure I understand your position. First, doctors DO make money in Canada, and our healthcare system certainly is not free. We all pay for their salaries through our taxes. Second, doctors provide arguably the most important funciton in society – certainly more important than a bureaucratic position in government. Why shouldn’t a doctor earn a real income?

The truth is if I want someone to work on my home, I want a professional not a novice. It does not matter what service I need in life, my home, my computer, my car, I am paying for a skill. When I have something in life that is technical. I want the best. Doctor is the single most important of these. When it comes to putting my life or the life of a family member in the hands of another, I want them to be continuously educated, motivated, and always looking for better ways to do take care of my specific needs at the time. That kind of enterprising mindset does not lend itself to years of study followed by years of performing the job while still having a hunger to be even better and learning new things every day. Wage capped workers are just that. The motivated and innovative will find other fields to grow and be rewarded in. You may get a great one in that system once in a while, but a majority may be those who throw out the standard treatment and ask for the next patient. I would much rather limit my salary than theirs.

Surgeries are cancelled too often – from elective to life threatening. Even if hospitals do all they can, they’re under the constraints of a screwed up system. Finally, HMOs were NOT the creation of the free market. HMOs and govt plans have so much in common – the only difference is one is private and the other is public.

My uncle has Kaiser and he loves it! but at the same time, Insurance needs to return back to it’s traditional role. btw Have you heard of cases where patients have died waiting for care? I have in Canada. It’s not pretty but what can you do.

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