When you make a request for medical care, doctors and facilities name their price for your medical need.   You can’t get more transparent than that.

Competitive Pricing

By getting doctors and facilities to name their prices in advance, providers know they must be price competitive or the patient will go elsewhere.  When doctors compete, patients win.


Patients have access to a wide variety of doctors and facilities, including some of the best hospitals – both locally and overseas.  With MediBid, patients have options without obligations.


Provider profiles show physician specialties, training, and board certifications, and MediBid confirms that each doctor is in good standing.   Poor quality care isn’t chosen at any price.

What Makes Us Different?

Disruptive Innovation

Deloitte Consulting has referred to us as a disruptive innovation to health care. Competition in health care is what’s needed to keep prices down. We know the status quo does not work.

Transparent Value

When prices and quality are transparent, patients can compete based on a word rarely used in medical care. Value. The doctor YOU pick at a price you agree to.

No Preferred Provider Network

We give access to providers regardless of their “PPO” network. You aren’t limited to restrictive networks with opaque pricing.

Medical Care Across State Lines

Often the cost of a procedure will vary based on where it’s done. Prices can vary over 1000% for the same medical procedure. With MediBid, you know this in advance – and save money.

A Price Just For You

When you submit a medical request, doctors review your medical history and give a price specifically for you. No surprise extra billing after the fact.

No Middle Men

Doctors can offer discount pricing because we cut all the middlemen out of the financial side of medical care. This means both doctor AND patient wins.

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What our customers say

R.M., Minnesota

“I have never before had the level of personal and professional medical care as I did… Their care was the best I’ve seen and their price was unbelievably reasonable for what they did! I highly recommend them!”

V B, New Mexico

“I believe it’s important to get the word out so others will have the same opportunity I had to get the level of care I received.  I still can’t believe how great my outcome was and how much money we saved by going to Glendale!”

Perry Hunt

“I couldn’t be happier with the results of my experience and surgery! Thank you for your Medibid service, its a wonderful website as has allowed me to find the right doctor at the right price. As a result I “got my life back”

T.R., Montana

“Thank you for this service… when I contacted your person to help she got me straightened out, she was great.”

C.K., Kansas

“Doctors need to realize that just because we are not next door does not mean that we would not want to find good prices.”

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