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Register on MediBid and you can Buy, Sell, and Seek new and used affordable medical equipment in the Marketplace for Medicine.® Sell your unwanted CT scanner, MRI scanner, hospital beds, operating tables, surgical tools, or other medical supplies. Set up your own practice by browsing through used medical equipment or upgrade from your old equipment to the newest models on the market. Post a request for the medical supplies that you need but didn’t find and receive alerts when it comes up for sale. For more information or assistance, call MediBid toll free at (888) 855-6334 or email at

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This is the Want Ads section of MediBid. If you are looking to buy an item and can’t find what you are looking for, you can place an Item Wanted Request on MediBid free of charge as a member of MediBid. To create a new Item Wanted Request for used medical equipment, click here. If you have an item for sale that might match one of our Item Wanted Requests, click on the Request below to view it and post your item for sale. The Seeker of that item will receive an alert that your item is for sale.

Halter and Bo monitor: $10 – $2000

blanket warmer: $500 – $1000

Watch: $1000 – $1500

1064 laser for hair removal and skin rejuvenation: $5 – $20

Stethescope: $1 – $50

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