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Three Reasons Why Doctors Should Care About Medical Tourism

For a couple of years now, we have heard about shopping for health insurance accross state lines.

Bottom line is that competition saves money.

American, and international patients may not yet be allowed to shop accross state lines for health insurance, but the can, and are shopping across state lines and international boundries for medical care. Doctors NEED to be aware of this growing trend.

This article discusses both inbound and outbound cross border shopping.

At MediBid, we restore market forces to medical care. Doctors get to set their own rates based on their training, experience, and outcomes, and patients get to shop for medical care across state lines and international borders. Many times with MediBid, you will find procedures that are more effective than procedures allowed, or covered by health plans. Transparency and competition are the only way to achieve reasonable costs. Many of our employer clients offering group health insurance through MediBid save $5,000 per employee per year. Those are substantial savings. Patients are saving an average of 48% vs. insurance discounted rates, or 80% vs. retail. Contact us for more information.


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