Open for Business

The following are locations and procedures that MediBid is still handling at this time.

(Updated 5/5/2020)


WAPodiatryScheduling foot and ankle procedures starting May 13

AL Pain teleconference and in office (no fever)
AZ Neurosurgery Lumbar laminectomy, cervical laminectomy, brain tumor removal,  pituitary surgery
AZ Total Shoulder Joint Replacement
AZ Meniscus Repair
AZ ACL Repair
AZ Rotator Cuff Repair
AZ Carpal Tunnel Release
AZ Ulnar Nerve Release
CA Orthopedic Telemedicine evaluations, outpatient surgeries
CA Pain epidural injections
CA Psychiatry Telemedicine individual psychiatry and psychology services are open as are our 20 group therapies weekly
FL Optometry Telemedicine services for minor eye infections, eye pain, headache, blurred vision and diabetic care
FL Primary Care virtual consultations and telemedicine
FL Internal Medicine new pts, follow up, telehealth
FL SLAP Repair
FL Shoulder Arthroscopy
FL Knee Arthroscopy
FL Trigger Finger Release
FL Ganglion Cyst Removal
FL ORIF Tib/Fib repair
FL Ankle Fracture repair with Hardware
GA Gynecology all surgeries
GA Pediatrics house calls only
GA ENT new pts – in office & telehealth, in office procedures – septoplasty, turbinectomy, endoscopic sinus surgery
GA Podiatry telemedicine & home visits
GA Orthopedic Open for all surgery
GA General surgery Inguinal Hernia
GA Femoral Hernia
IA Incisional Hernia
IA Umbilica Hernia
IA Gall Bladder Removal
IA Family Medicine Open for visits
IA Gastroenterology Colonoscopy
IL Sleep Medicine Open for testing
IA Endoscopy
MA Orthopedic Total Knee Replacement
MA Total Hip Replacement
MD Pain In office and telemedicine visits
MD Family Medicine virtual visits only
MN ENT telehealth visit $200
NJ Imaging
NV Pain
OH Dermatology procedures that can be done in the office
OK Assorted surgery Open for all surgery
OR General surgery urgent surgeries, to relieve suffering (gall bladder, appendectomy)
OR Gastroenterology Diagnostic Colonoscopy, Endoscopy
PA Psychiatry evaluation and treatments by facetime
TN General Surgery gallbladder, hernia, lesions
TX Gastroenterology screening colonoscopy
TX Orthopedic Telemedicine evaluations
TX Dermatology Telemedicine across state lines
TX Orthopedic joint replacement
TX Assorted surgery Some elective surgery available April 24, all surgery on May 8
TX Dental only emergencies until May 4
TX Counseling teletherapy
UT Orthopedic Open for all surgery
WA Podiatry Scheduling foot and ankle procedures starting May 13
Gynecology urgent surgeries, to relieve suffering (remove fibroids, hysterectomy, cysts)
Plastic Hand surgeries to function
Dermatology simple in-office mole removals
General surgery hemorrhoid banding, urgent surgeries that cannot wait 2 weeks
Plastic procedures that can be done in the office
open nationwide for limited hours to handle eye emergencies and urgencies
Gastroenterology Diagnostic Colonoscopy, Endoscopy
Imaging Imaging centers open with shorter hours
Spine consultations and spine surgery