A Non-Surgical Option to Joint Replacement

Many patients have had surgery fail or have concerns about surgery and are looking for other options. Living with pain and medication is unacceptable and some people have decided to try stem cell therapy. Regenerative medicine is a solution for many people who do not want to have the pain and recovery time that comes with surgery. Insurance does not cover stem cell therapy, so if you proceed, there are financing options available through the facility.

A consultation will help you understand your options and the path to living pain free. With an evaluation, you will find out if stem cell therapy or an alternative regenerative treatment solution will help. Your case will be reviewed, medical images will be evaluated, and then the determination will be made if stem cell therapy is right for you.

Using your own stem cells reduces the risk of rejection or disease transfer. Your stem cells are harvested in an outpatient procedure which lasts two to four hours and is nearly painless, requiring a small amount of local anesthesia. During the procedure, physicians will collect a small amount of abdominal fat or bone marrow. The medical staff will then process your sample to isolate the stem cells down to a rich concentration. This will happen while you wait. Once your cells are ready, the physician will inject the cells back into your damaged joint(s) using ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance. In some cases, you will also receive stem cells back through IV therapy as well.

Due to this alternative treatment, patients have been able to avoid surgery and have amazing results. They have a great reduction in pain, increased mobility, and a return to normal activities.

If you are interested in trying out stem cell therapy for your joint pain, place a request on MediBid today!


Photo from https://www.pexels.com/photo-license/