A Breath of Fresh Air for Those with Blocked Sinuses

Millions of Americans live with conditions that block their nasal airways. This makes it difficult for them to breathe through the nose. Typical treatments would include medication, breathing strips, or painful surgeries. These surgeries can include adding pieces of cartilage near the top of the nose to widen the nasal valve, as well as balloon insertion to stretch the passageways, or more traditional endoscopic procedures.

Now there is a new device that can open the airways permanently and without surgery. The Vivaer Nasal Airway Remodeling device uses targeted energy to reshape the nasal passage for better airflow. The researchers that developed the device studied computational fluid dynamics, basically how air flows through a tube, cavity, or over a surface of something.

After taking a CT scan of a patient’s nasal cavity, an otolaryngologist determines how to reshape certain areas to optimize airflow. The procedure will be performed in the doctor’s office. At procedure time, the patient’s nose is numbed and the device is applied, emitting radio frequency energy to reshape the nasal passage. Patients may notice immediate improvement in their breathing following the procedure. The nose will heal over the next few weeks. The physician will then look at the patient’s computational fluid dynamics after treatment to see how airflow has or has not changed within the nose.

If you have blocked airways in the nose, consult with an ENT doctor near you to determine what is causing your nasal obstruction, making sure it is not some other problem. You can find physicians that perform this procedure on MediBid. Don’t suffer anymore and place your request today!

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