Physical - Marcus Well-Be (Primary Care)

Body Area: Arms / Hands
Body Parts: Whole Arm
Symptoms: Discoloration
Are you tired of the 5 minute doctor's visit? Do you wish bedside manner was just as important as the tests taken during your annual physical? The "Marcus Well-Be" Physical is all about spending time with the doctor to talk about you and how you are doing. This annual physical goes one step further than the basic annual physical (height, weight, physical exam, heart health check, blood pressure, CBC blood panel, urinalysis, cholesterol check, and prescription check) to include lifestyle counseling (about nutrition, exercise, alcohol consumption, and other lifestyle choices), as well as any other gender, hereditary, or age related requirements. The only way for your doctor to know that diabetes runs in your family is if he/she talks to you long enough to find out. The Marcus Well-Be physical takes the philosophy of the TV character, Dr. Welby, to heart and puts the patient first.