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Melissa Francis interviewed Ralph Weber, MediBid’s CEO, about MediBid. 

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Services like MediBid allow patients to shop online for lower-priced medical care, whether local or in another state. Ralph Weber, the chief executive of MediBid, said the service recently sent a patient to Glendale, Calif., for a hip replacement for $14,450 and another to San Antonio for $19,000 — comparable to European rates.

“When companies make a large purchase of machines, they ask for a few bids, but that doesn’t normally happen in medicine,” Mr. Weber said. “When providers have to compete with transparency, the rates come in lower.”

03/01/2012, WWTN 99.7 FM: The Ralph Bristol Show-MediBid’s CEO, Ralph Weber, Talks Medicare with Ralph Bristol

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, (WWTN 99.7 FM SuperTalk, March 15, 2011) Third party payers want us to think that they have better bargaining power than individuals. However, that is incorrect, that is very incorrect.

02/27/2012  MediBid’s CEO, Ralph Weber, is asked to join Healthcare Round Table with Newt Gingrich in Nashville

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, “The Medicrats in Washington are able… to put in what they want” with the health reform law, said Ralph Weber, president and CEO of MediBid, a company based in Wilmington, Del., that allows patients to post a request for a procedure that doctors then bid on.

02/25/2012-03/01/2012 John Goodman writes an article about MediBid titled “Can Healthcare Be Bought and Sold on Ebay?” on his blog and on townhall.com. It is also posted to a business opportunities website.

blog articletown hall articlebusiness opportunities weblog network post

A small, emerging online service called MediBid is creating an actual market that puts doctors together with patients who need care.

03/15/2011, WWTN 99.7 FM: The Phil Valentine Show, Saving Money with MediBid – Listen

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, (WWTN 99.7 FM SuperTalk,  March 15, 2011).. MediBid is a completely free-market “Obama proof” medical program that addresses the problems that Congress could never ever even imagine to address and that is the cost of the underlying care

02/16/2011, KKHT 100.7 FM: What’s Up With Terry Lowry – You Can Now Receive Medical Care at Reduced Rates! – Listen

HOUSTON, TEXAS, (KKHT 100.7 FM The Word February 16, 2011).. This is a discussion about medical costs and ways to save you money. Joining us again is the founder and president of MediBid.com. Friends, you can shop for medical care across states lines. You can Bid, you can quote, you can negotiate – if you are a self-payer or if you belong to a self-funded health insurance program.

02/16/2011, KKHT 100.7 FM: What’s Up With Terry Lowry – From Knee Replacements to Colonoscopies, Patients Are Now in Control of the Costs – Listen

HOUSTON, TEXAS, (KKHT 100.7 FM The Word – February 16, 2011).. Simply put does MediBid help a patient that may be located in Texas find a low cost provider, whether that’s the physician or hospital who may be located in Oklahoma or Tennessee, [Texas], West Coast, East Cost, or maybe even around the world – is that the purpose of MediBid – to save the patient money?

1/26/2011, Faith Based Program to Save Big On Medical Care with MediBid


MURFREESBORO, TN (PRWEB – January 26, 2011).. MediBid – The Marketplace for Medicine® – announced today that they are now working with a faith based, health care cost sharing program, to aid its members in getting the best price and value for their medical care. The Public Policy Specialist with this new group projects up to 50,000 program members will be given access to the MediBid.com engine to receive Bids the next time they are faced with a potentially expensive medical procedure. If used for large ticket items, the potential savings could be in the tens-of-thousands easily, which benefits everyone in the group because it is a self-funded, cost sharing program.

12/07/2010, CCSVI Liberation Therapy Now Available Through MediBid Portal


TORONTO, ON (RPRN – December 07, 2010). – Canadians suffering from Multiple Sclerosis looking for Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) treatment have often had difficulties getting access to the care that they need, but an online marketplace for medicine, MediBid.ca, announced today that patients can now use their services to seek out hospitals in North America offering Dr. Zamboni’s CCSVI Liberation Therapy for their treatment.

10/28/2010, The New American Magazine: Dr. Kurisko Speaks Out Against Obamacare


APPLETON, WISCONSIN, (The New American Magazine – October 28, 2010).. Dr. Kurisko explained that he used to firmly believe in the sort of rhetoric that we now hear in support of ObamaCare. He viewed healthcare as a human right and thought that government could adequately provide it. Then he entered the medical field. Working in family practice, emergency care, and eventually diagnostic radiology (where he rose to Director of Diagnostic Imaging for Thunder Bay Regional Hospital in Ontario), he grew increasingly frustrated with restrictions and failings under the Ministry of Health. He began to examine the practical, economic, and moral dimensions of healthcare and explored the writings of Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, and Ludwig von Mises. He arrived at the conclusion that only a free market could adequately meet the needs of the public and eventually relocated to the United States.

10/27/2010, National Center for Policy Analysis: Wrong Way to Reform the Malpractice System


DALLAS, TEXAS, (John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog – October 27, 2010).. We’re 10 years into the future and you have terminal cancer. Still, all is not lost. Doctors in other countries are reporting successful remission of your type of cancer, using a drug originally approved in the United States for some other purpose. There are several journal articles that appear to back up these claims and there is additional positive information on the Internet.

10/25/2010, Talk 1300 AM: Al Roney – Live Local Talk – Listen

ALBANY, NEW YORK, (Talk 1300 The Capital District’s Talk Radio – October 25, 2010). “I’ve got a guest in studio today. Your probably heard me talking about the Obamacare and there’s a guest that’s in town tonight, Dr. Lee Kurisko.”

10/22/2010, BlogTalkRadio.com: American Politics with John Wallace – Listen

CHATHAM, NEW YORK, (The John Wallace Radio Show: American Politics – October 22, 2010). “My guest this week is Dr. Lee Kurisko, …and Dr. Kurisko is a nationally known medical professional and he’s agreed, graciously agreed, to come on our show and give his views about Obamacare. Of course the big question is could Obamacare be the end of the finest medical system in the world?”

09/29/2010, CaseyResearch.com: A Free Market In Medicine?


PHOENIX, ARIZONA, (Casey’s Daily Dispatch – September 29, 2010). As you are probably aware, even before Obamacare hit the books, America’s health care system was already nationalized to a great extent. You can’t call a system of intervention – plus quasi-private, employer-based health insurance that is heavily regulated on all fronts and dominated by third-party payers – free-market medicine. Indeed, government payments already account for about half of all medical expenditures in the U.S., and governments at state and federal levels strongly regulate all facets of medical care… These days the system has grown so complex, numerous facets of health care are often more trouble than they’re worth. But a new website called MediBid has come on the scene to put some simplicity and freedom back into patients’ and doctors’ lives.

08/20/2010, FreedomRadioFM.com: American Priorities with Bill Federer

[http://www.medibid.com/video/freedomradio-lee-kurisko.mp3 – Listen]

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, (American Priorities – August 20, 2010). “And how important freedom is to have a quality of life and to have prosperity and abundance regardless of what you’re talking about. The story in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is about the imposition of socialism in the United States and how the economy crumbles over several years to the point where you can no longer even get running water or electricity. And the story centers around these various industrialists that simply are trying to bring their products to market but every which way they turn the government was in the way and I saw the parallels in my own life and the light bulbs after 42 years of being an indoctrinated de facto socialist. I finally got it and realized the importance of freedom and the importance of markets.”

08/17/2010, CRNtalk.com: Talkback with Chuck Wilder

[http://www.medibid.com/video/chuckwilder-lee-kurisko.mp3 – Listen]

SUNLAND, CALIFORNIA, (Talkback – August 17, 2010). “Let’s go to Dr. Lee Kurisko. He’s a Canadian Physician specializing in diagnostic imaging, fellowship trained in Neuroradiology. He’s a former medical director of the diagnostic imaging for Thunder Bay Regional Hospital in Thunder Bay, Canada. Boy, that sounds like a place that some people would like to live. A former believer in the superiority of the government delivered healthcare, he no longer holds this view and he is an advocate of free markets in in healthcare.”

08/13/2010, FreedomRadioFM.com: American Priorities with Mark Manila (Substitute for Bill Federer)

[http://www.medibid.com/video/freedomradio-ralph-weber.mp3 – Listen]

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, (American Priorities – August 13, 2010). “I’m glad you’re with us today as we’re talking about all sorts of things that are impacting our ability to pass on the blessings of freedom to our children and our children’s children. And one of those areas is in what’s happening in Washington and now across the nation with the Obamacare. We heard a little bit in the first segment here about some of the aspects of that, but joining me now to help understand even a deeper impact on how this Obamacare will lead to a loss of millions of US healthcare jobs is Ralph Weber. Welcome to the show, Ralph.”

08/10/2010, CalChronicle.com: The Andy Caldwell Show

[http://www.medibid.com/video/andy_caldwell_ralph_weber.mp3 – Listen]

ARROYO GRANDE, CALIFORNIA, (The Andy Caldwell Show – August 02, 2010). Ralph F Weber, President / CEO, MediBid.com, an internet portal for buying and selling medical goods and services without the intrusion of third-parties. Andy and Ralph talk about Obamacare Will Lead to Loss of Millions of US Healthcare Jobs.

08/09/2010, NewsBlaze.com: Obamacare Will Lead to Loss of Millions of US Healthcare Jobs


FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA, (NewsBlaze LLC – August 09, 2010). The US economy has lost 7.8 million jobs since the start of this recession, and jobs are not coming back. Obamacare will lead to the loss of millions of healthcare jobs before the end of the decade. There is already a trend for doctors to opt out of government programs, which will accelerate as more people are covered under Obamacare. Doctors who remain in practice will be overburdened, much the same as Massachusetts doctors, where cardiologists see as many as 9 patients at one time; having them sign non disclosures to protect each other’s medical information.

08/02/2010, SuperTalk.fm: Canadian Physician Relocated to the United States

[http://www.medibid.com/video/mississippi_supertalk_fm.mp3 – Listen]

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, (The Gallo Radio Show – August 02, 2010). “Dr. Lee Kurisko, a Canadian Physician, he relocated to this country and now he says from what he has seen, Obamacare rationing of healthcare is inevitable.”

07/29/2010, OneNewsNow.com: American Family Radio News


TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI, (AFR News with Bill Bumpas – July 29, 2010). Canadian Physician warns Omabacare rationing inevitable.

07/26/2010, LarsLarson.com: The National Radio Show

[http://www.medibid.com/video/larslarson_national_show.mp3 – Listen]

PORTLAND, OREGON, (The Lars Larson National Radio Show – July 26, 2010). “Healthcare rationing – we’ll talk to a Canadian doctor relocated to the United States because of government rationing. We’ll talk to him about his view of Obamacare…”

07/26/2010, WTMY.com: Today with Rochelle

[http://www.medibid.com/video/healthbeat_of_america.mp3 – Listen]

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, (Today with Rochelle on WTMY 1280am – July 26, 2010). “Talking about Canada, a Canadian Physician is warning that Obamacare rationing is inevitable. Well, today with have with us Dr. Lee Kurisko”

07/26/2010, AAPSOnline.org: Canadian Physician & AAPS Member Warns, “Obamacare Rationing Inevitable”


TUCSON, ARIZONA, (AAPS Daily News – July 26, 2010). Under Obamacare, the federal government will inevitably decide what kinds of care will get funding and who will get it. Comparative clinical effectiveness research is now a reality as a part of the U.S. government reform of the health care system. As a Canadian Physician, I know this research leads to only one thing – rationing.

07/20/2010, iHealthBeat.org: Site Allows Residents of Canada to Bid on Health Care Services Abroad


WASHINGTON, D.C., (iHealthBeat – July 20, 2010). Canadian patients seeking medical treatment for a range of issues can now use a website — MediBid — to request bids from about 3,000 physicians worldwide in an effort to avoid long wait times and obtain experimental treatments…

07/17/2010, TheSpec.com: Website Puts Price On Surgery


HAMILTON, ONTARIO, (The Hamilton Spectator – July 17, 2010). Foreign doctors are bidding online to provide medical care — for a price — to Canadians looking to jump the queue or get experimental treatments. The website MediBid.com has just become available to Canadians who can now request bids on anything from hip and knee replacements and MRIs to experimental cancer therapy and the controversial Liberation Treatment sought by multiple sclerosis patients.

07/16/2010, TheRecord.com: Medical Ad is a Warning


WATERLOO, ONTARIO, (Waterloo Region – July 16, 2010). Passengers on Grand River Transit buses might be surprised when they see ads for a private American company that offers to help Canadian patients obtain medical services. With our publicly based system, we’re not used to seeing private companies advertising health care services. The ads are sponsored by MediBid, a company in Delaware with offices in the United States and Toronto.

07/15/2010, 570news.com: The Gary Doyle Show

[http://www.medibid.com/video/julynews.mp3] – Listen

KITCHENER, ONTARIO, (The Gary Doyle Show on 570News – July 15, 2010). “Is it unfair because, well, the rich can get service faster? Does that mean our universal “Sacred Cow” of a health care system is being short-cheated?. Ralph Weber joins us.”

07/14/2010, TheRecord.com: Bus Ads Tout Cross-Border Cures


WATERLOO, ONTARIO, (Waterloo Region – July 14, 2010). Patients tired of waiting for knee surgery may find an alternative on the back of a bus. Advertisements are appearing on Grand River Transit buses for a U.S. company called MediBid, which offers bids for medical services in the United States and overseas, including speedy knee-replacement surgery. Calling itself “the marketplace for medicine,” MediBid gives patients a platform to get cash-price quotes for services or surgeries.

06/15/2010, 620CKRM.com: Newsline At Noon with Jim Smalley

[http://www.medibid.com/video/620ckrm_part1.mp3] – Listen to Part 1]  [http://www.medibid.com/video/620ckrm_part2.mp3] – Listen to Part 2]  [http://www.medibid.com/video/620ckrm_part3.mp3] – Listen to Part 3]

REGINA, ONTARIO, (Newsline At Noon on 620CKRM – June 15, 2010). “In the land of Medicare, it’s always interesting to bring up some controversial topics; some interesting subjects. We want to hear from you today, just what do you think of this whole idea because many Canadians like to define themselves with what our Medicare and our Medicaid system offers us.”

06/08/2010, Medibid.ca: MediBid Releases the Real Cost of Care to Canadians


TORONTO, ONTARIO, (Marketwire – June 8, 2010)MediBid – The Marketplace for Medicine® is now making it possible for Canadian patients who can’t afford long waiting lists to access the care that they need. MediBid is the one place where Canadians can access surgeons and facilities from around the world at a price they can afford.

04/10/2010, COA.org: Are Patients Still Packing Their Bags and Going Abroad for Their Medical Care?


MediBid is different from other medical entities arranging care for these patients in that they do not have facilitators who will help set-up arrangements for patients. They rely on the Internet to link physicians with patients needing a medical service. Patients go on-line and post a medical ailment for which they are seeking care.

SACRAMENTO, CA April 10, 2010COA.org – Are Patients Still Packing Their Bags and Going Abroad for Their Medical Care? What’s the Role for U.S. Surgeons Providing Care to Patients From Other Communities/States or Other Countries? While the economic recession has eroded the growth rate for medical tourism by approximately 13.6 percent from 2007 to 2009, the economic recovery is expected to spur a sustainable 35 percent annual growth rate for the medical tourism industry by 2010, according to a new report released in October, 2009 by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.

04/01/2010, MediBid.com: Is a Doctor Strike on the Horizon?


Medicare rates are already set below cost. If the planned 41% cut in Medicare rates takes place, the possibility of a “doctor strike” – where physicians opt out of Medicare – becomes very real. In an effort to help both physicians and patients, one pioneering company has addressed the issues that drive up costs head on. MediBid.com empowers doctors to set prices based on free market forces and patients to purchase healthcare across state lines and international boundaries. Now patients can take control by making choices based on quality, privacy and value.

PASO ROBLES, CA (Vocus) April 1, 2010 MediBid.com – The Marketplace for Medicine® – reported today that the number of physician users on the site increased exponentially since the beginning of the year, largely due to the turmoil of the healthcare reform bill. The MediBid.com portal allows physicians to connect directly to patients without limitations and empowers doctors to say “no” to government run healthcare and opt out of Medicare. With the signing of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act by President Obama on March 30th, MediBid expects continued growth because MediBid has what the politicians missed when they wrote the bill – a real solution.

03/04/2010, Bumrungrad – The Mayo Clinic of Asia – Joins MediBid.com as a Bidding Facility


This strategic partnership gives patients using MediBid.com access to over 1,100 doctors from this internationally accredited medical facility.

PASO ROBLES, Calif., March 4 /PRNewswire/MediBid.com – The Marketplace for Medicine – today announced a strategic partnership with Bumrungrad International that will give patients using the MediBid.com portal access to the facility’s world-class physicians on the growing list of US and international doctors and facilities joining MediBid including Perfection Makeover and Laser Center in Cancun, Mexico and Madras Joint Replacement in Chennai, India. Bumrungrad serves over a million patients annually; over 400,000 of which are international. To compete with the US market, English is widely spoken by the doctors, nurses, and other staff.

1/22/2010, MediBid.com: Business, Policy and Reform Impacted by Scott Brown Victory


With healthcare at the heart of the Massachusetts race, MediBid – the Marketplace for Medicine – comments on the implications of Scott Brown’s victory for business, political reform and public policy.

Paso Robles, California – January 22, 2010. While stocks prices slipped Wednesday for many healthcare companies, one new business has a bright outlook. MediBid – The Marketplace for Medicine – believes that Brown’s victory reflects an underlying demand to let free-market principles drive the change in healthcare.

1/5/2010, MediBid Opens Online Portal – Deal or No Deal Biding for Medical Services


One more site MediBid, where physicians and patients can set pricing and “bid” on procedures has appeared on the internet. What I found interesting here was the use of a new word, “highcostectomy”. I think we can all use one of those.

1/2/2010, Travelocity


“MediBid helps physicians to expand their fee-for-service practice through private contracting,” said MediBid founder and CEO Ralph Weber. “By removing the middleman from medical care, MediBid makes it possible for the uninsured, the underinsured…

12/30/2009, MediBid Empowers Physicians to Expand Their Fee for Service Practice With New Online Portal


With over 45 million uninsured in the United States and a healthcare debate raging hotly over President Barack Obama’s plans for health insurance reform in the United States, one visionary company has created a solution to the healthcare issues that transcends traditional boundaries. MediBid connects physicians to patients in a free-market environment without care for their insurance plan or even their native country. The MediBid portal connects patients directly to doctors. Participating physicians can expand their practice by offering medical services to cash paying patients without interference from the medical middlemen who drive costs skyward without improving care.

Paso Robles, California – December 30, 2009 – The costs of running a healthcare practice have skyrocketed in recent years. This poses a significant challenge to physicians who simply want to provide quality care to their patients. As politicians debate solutions in the United States, medical tourism takes patients around the globe in search of care they could get right in their own backyard.

Learn how MediBid can reduce healthcare costs for your organization.