Consultation (Bariatrics - Weight loss)

Body Area: Arms / Hands
Body Parts: Palm
Symptoms: Sweating Excessively
A Bariatrics Consultation is sometimes recommended for obese individuals with a BMI of at least 35-40, and coexisting medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension.  It is also recommended for individuals who have been consistently obese, and are unable to lose the excess weight via a regimen of diet or exercise.  The actual consultation with a bariatric surgeon will evaluate pre-existing medical conditions that could complicate the effectiveness of the procedure, and if the patient is truly committed to adopting a healthy lifestyle post-surgery to maintain a healthy weight.  In addition, the consultation allows the patient to clarify any qualms they may have regarding the procedure.  These could include which type of bariatric surgery is ideal for the individual, expected recovery time and how much weight the surgeon projects that the patient will lose post-surgery.