Breast Biopsy Removal (Women's Health)

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A Breast Biopsy can be done by either a fine needle aspiration, by a core needle, or by an incision. If a lump is found during an office visit and after a mammogram brings back a suspicious result, a biopsy sample may be requested by your doctor. A fine needle aspiration breast biopsy does not use an anesthetic due to the small needle size. A core needle breast biopsy uses a larger needle, so the doctor may use a local anesthesia. A small incision may be made in the breast to allow the needle to easily access the tissue desired. A core needle breast biopsy removes more tissue than just that of the mass and can give better results regarding the spread of the cancerous cells, if any. An incisional biopsy removes even more tissue than a fine needle or core needle biopsy. A pathologist will look at the samples removed for evaluation.