Sellers on MediBid can choose to list an item with a Buy It Now Price or leave the price open for Offers, or both. Creating your listing is as simple as selecting a category, writing up a description with condition notes, and uploading up to four images. The shipping, pick-up, or delivery options are entirely up to you. Keep in mind, there are buyers across the US and internationally that use MediBid as their global Marketplace for Medicine, so please be sure to specify who will cover the shipping costs, if pick-up is required, and how much the item weighs in case the Buyer will be paying for the shipping. MediBid will hold the funds from the Buyer for you until the transaction is complete so that you know they are serious about buying your item.

For this service, MediBid charges a transaction fee of 5% of the first $20,000 and 3% of anything over $20,000. So if an item sells for $200, the fee is only $10. If an item sells for $20,200 the fee is $1,006. Listing an item is free. If it doesn’t sell, there is no charge. The buyer of your item will pay the transaction fee as a down payment on the item.

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