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Overview - MediBid puts the ability to make informed healthcare decisions right at your fingertips.

You simply create a profile and post a request for care. It can be anything from a consultation, to a second opinion on alternatives to knee replacement surgery, a new kind of cancer therapy, or simply an annual mammogram. Then MediBid provides you with a variety of medical practitioners to choose from, listing location, credentials, background, etc. - everything you need to make the decision best for YOU. Tell a doctor you're interested in them, and let them give you an upfront price Bid to provide you with the treatment you need. It's completely private, completely secure, and once you choose your doctor, the entire relationship is directly between the two of you. You save time. You save money. And at long last, you gain control of your healthcare needs. Find a doctor today and take control of your own health.

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The Process - How does MediBid works

Create Your Profile - answer some basic health questions (height, weight, allergies, etc) and create a user ID and password. Creating a profile is free.

Create a Request - ask for what you need. If you aren't sure or don't have a diagnosis yet, ask for a consultation with a specialist. Requests can be for anything big or small from an annual checkup with a new family physician or an MRI to bring to your current ear nose and throat doctor to something more complex like total knee replacement surgery, rotator cuff repair, or Lasik eye surgery. Whatever your medical need is, you can make a request for it on MediBid. And don't forget, you can upload up to 5 images or pdfs from your doctor to help the specialists reviewing your request give you the most accurate Bid.

Collect Bids - review the bidders for your request and take a look at the physicians and facilities that were matched with you. If you see any you like, you can ask them to submit a Bid on your request, or you can wait a few days and see who gives you a Bid on their own. Your Bid will include some very basic information, including the cost and what is or is not included in that price. You will soon see how affordable healthcare can be when you get the real price rather than the billing price. After looking over your Bid, you can review the profile of the physician or facility that gave you the Bid and decide if they are the right match for you. Remember, MediBid isn't about finding the most affordable healthcare provider, it is all about having a choice. In fact, we have a wide range of medical specialists with prices high and low, including popular medical tourism destination hospitals. Find the doctor, surgeon, or dentists that is right for you.

Accept a Bid - when you find the physician or facility that is the right choice for you, click "Accept this Bid" and you will instantly be provided with the Bidder's contact information. They will also be provided with yours. Now that you have the phone number and/or e-mail address to contact the doctor, call them up and schedule an appointment. Unlike other medical directory websites and doctor finder resources, MediBid has helped you get a custom price quote up front directly from the doctor based on your unique needs which means you can spend a lot less time on the phone. Just tell them you accepted their Bid on MediBid. They'll be expecting you.

Deal Direct - make the appointment with the specialist, and pay the doctor's office at the time of your visit. You already know how much the visit or treatment is going to cost you, so walk in confident that you are going to see a great doctor at the best value for their services. Any modifications to the agreed upon treatment and price are between you and the physician, such as adding on liposuction to your plastic surgery, or an extra round of dental whitening while you're at the dentist's office.

Deal Direct - find a doctor today who specializes in one of our over 600 procedure request options. Some of the most commonly requested procedures on MediBid are:

Fees - a fee is required to view Bids received on a Request. You can create a profile for free and create a request for free, but in order to view the information and Bids from physicians, a paid membership is required. Membership fees are paid based on the number of Requests you would like to create. More can be added later. Family members can share a membership and all of the paid procedure requests within that membership So if you purchase 3 procedure requests, you can use one, your spouse can use one and your child can use the third one. Each request can receive an unlimited number of Bids from physicians registered with MediBid. Seeker Membership Fees for 2010:

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