Hospitals want patients to pay in advance

Hospitals are asking for payments from patients before they leave the facility so they don’t end up with unpaid bills. Knowing the costs before the procedure is important because insurance deductibles are increasing and so are procedure costs. Obamacare policies on the exchanges are raising premiums even quicker. If a patient cannot afford their hospital … Continued

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Obamacare mandate could decrease hospital productivity

A study in Massachusetts shows that hospitals have experienced a drop in productivity since the state’s individual mandate began in 2007.  All US hospitals showed some decline, but MA had the greatest drop by nearly twice as much.  This “universal coverage” was supposed to help hospitals save money and decrease patient cost. MediBid assists hospitals … Continued

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Hospital Chain Inquiry Cited for Unnecessary Cardiac Work

Because a nurse wrote a letter to the hospital ethics department, a doctor was exposed for performing unnecessary heart procedures.  This nurse was then fired for being a whistle-blower.  These HCA hospitals, the largest for-profit hospital chain in the country, are driving up costs for patients and increasing their profits by performing excess procedures.  Half … Continued

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Ironically, The less you pay me, the more I make?

Dr. Keith Smith is one of the brilliant minds of medicine today, and a very competitive bidder on MediBid. In his blog post, Dr. Smith makes the case for using MediBid, where you get the guaranteed price before you go for care. Many of the major hospital chains thrive on the opaque game of Chargemaster, … Continued

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CBO | Estimates for the Insurance Coverage Provisions of the Affordable Care Act Updated for the Recent Supreme Court Decision

The SCOTUS ruling on obamacare saved American taxpayers a lot of money. Just like MediBid saves patients money on medical care. But the Supreme Court Ruling is not enough. We need to allow doctors ot compete across state lines and end the price fixing monopoly shared by Medicare and the AMA. In order to truly … Continued

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Green Cross Of Wisconsin Uses “Just Because” For Claims Denials

CEO of Green Cross of Wisconsin Dick Brown recently annoucned a whole new way of denying people for medical attention, “Just Because.” The company did a over-all review of their own company and realized that they took a heavy toll dealing with angry doctors and patients when it came to finances. This is where a … Continued

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Andrew Schlafly Discussing How Cash-Based Medical Practices Triumph Over All

AAPS General Counsel, Andrew Schlafly recently gave a great speech on physicians transitioning to third-party free medical practices as well as some insight to the upcoming election. This presentation was at AAPS Restoring Freedom Town Hall May 18, 2012 in Somerset, NJ. Not only can switching to a free market system like MediBid work for … Continued

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National Internet sales tax bill gains in Congress

Government loves to spend our money…actually waste our money. Since they do not have to work for it, they usually see little need to be careful with it. The PPACA ended up being one HUGE tax increase according to Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, who declared that healthcare is just a choice under the law. … Continued

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American’s Can’t Afford Healthcare But Can Afford MediBid

When 2011 Census figures will be released this fall, it could possibly lead the US to break a 46-year old seal on the highest rank of poverty. There is a way to counter medical care availability to the general public! MediBid allows you to get medical care across state lines, and at great prices. A full … Continued

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