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How Medibid Selects Medical Professionals

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MediBid is Always Adding to its List of Medical Providers

MediBid thrives because providers from around the world want access to a competitive healthcare marketplace. A marketplace where providers are rewarded for their skill and efficiency. MediBid offers that marketplace, and so many of our providers found us before we found them. It’s common for MediBid to take on new providers in this way, and we’re happy to help providers through the process.

In many cases, though, MediBid seeks new providers that fill a need, proactively searching for medical professionals and facilities that set the standard for quality.

Who MediBid is Looking For

MediBid wants providers that are willing to be transparent with their pricing and have demonstrated excellence in their field. Beyond that, most providers are welcome, regardless of specialty or location. However, when MediBid does look for providers in particular, this is what we consider:

  • Where the provider is located – Ideally, every patient on MediBid would be near a provider that is also on our platform. That’s one of our missions, to ensure there are MediBid providers all over the world. When we actively recruit providers for our platform, location is a consideration.It’s true that most patients on MediBid are willing to travel for medical treatment, as it is frequently more cost-effective to do so. For patients that would rather not travel, MediBid is striving to bring additional provider options to your area.
  • The provider’s capabilities – There are already enough providers on MediBid for patients to get a competitive offer on common procedures. This includes major common procedures like joint replacement. However, there are many medical disciplines and patients have diverse needs, so MediBid is always working to add providers with new capabilities. The goal is to create a one-stop platform for patients of any medical background, and MediBid is always getting closer to realizing that vision.

Quality is Never Compromised

Quality is a critical part of the process, so MediBid ensures that all of its physicians and medical facilities listed are in good standing. First, MediBid verifies every provider’s license number before they are allowed on the site. During verification, MediBid checks whether the provider has been involved in any malpractice or class action lawsuits. Second, MediBid collates patient reviews from a network of public sites, doing the tedious work of checking every provider like a consumer. As MediBid’s own reputation is tied to the quality of its provider listing, our standards are particularly stringent, and the process is not rubber stamping. Every doctors office is carefully assessed before they are brought onboard.

MediBid reserves the right to suspend providers should their quality metrics indicate that it’s the correct decision. Negative patient reviews, malpractice lawsuits and loss of license are all potential reasons for suspension. Fortunately, in MediBid’s history, this has never been necessary. That’s because providers on MediBid realize they must offer quality treatment to remain relevant in our market.

The Cost and Quality Paradox, and How it Benefits MediBid’s Users

Quality is more important in medicine than in any other industry. Patients know this, which is why they are willing to pay more for what they consider better treatment. As it turns out, paying more for healthcare usually means lower quality treatment, and MediBid has termed this the “cost and quality paradox.” In short, when patients pay more for treatment, it’s typically because they need to spend more time in the operating room and more time in the hospital. With an experienced, talented surgeon, it takes less time to get the patient off the operating table, and it’s less likely that the patient will require an extended stay at the hospital. The patient runs up a lower bill, as a result, and gets better treatment in the process.

It’s important to keep the cost and quality paradox in mind, because MediBid’s users are able to get excellent quality treatment at prices that would generally be impossible to attain in the mainstream insurance market. In addition, because our providers are usually some of the best in their field, they often offer a cost saving second opinion, or alternative treatment options, usually not available through mainstream insurance.

Providers on MediBid can compete on price because they are extremely efficient with their processes, and confident in their ability to minimize post-treatment complications. In fact, our providers stake their reputation on offering quality treatment, because if they don’t, they won’t remain on MediBid’s platform and will lose access to patients, as a result. MediBid encourages patients to report and review their experience with the providers they visit, and these reviews are made public to our users. As a single negative review can badly damage a provider’s ability to attract new patients, MediBid’s providers will do everything they can to make their patients happy. Fortunately, because MediBid empowers physicians to run their practices as they see fit, those providers can spend more time with patients and give more attention to their concerns.

Another unique thing we offer our providers is a streamlined payment, so they don’t have to hire an army of billing staff to try to collect the out of pocket costs from the patient, and the insurance payment from the insurer. This is one more thing that allows our providers to be more competitive.

MediBid’s providers find us, and we find them. In the quest to build a marketplace that meets the needs of patients, employers, physicians and medical facilities, MediBid is recruiting the best providers to accomplish that mission.