Welcome to the Marketplace for Medicine® For Domestic and Global Medical Tourism

MediBid.com opened a global marketplace for healthcare to patients around the world on January 1, 2010 after several years of research and development. We have offices in US and Canada. MediBid was developed to provide access to greater choice and privacy, regardless of insurability, in a completely open market environment, without anyone or anything getting in the way of the decision making process between doctors and patients.

MediBid's founders share an unrelenting drive to change the status quo, in favor of maintaining and strengthening the doctor-patient relationship, patient privacy rights, choice and the medical marketplace by connecting patients with doctors directly. Our goal is to provide the best opportunity for consumers to self-direct medical care through MediBid's highly secure needs-matching technology and acquire the best cost-to-value services anywhere.

The Core Principles Of MediBid:

Ralph Weber, MediBid president and CEO, witnessed the need for a free market system in the healthcare industry after living in Canada where his son was hit by a car and never received anything more than an X-ray, his mother choose a radical mastectomy because she felt she had no other choice, and his wife slowly became more and more crippled after a two year wait for a bunionectomy all because healthcare in Canada was being rationed.  Affordable healthcare should be within the reach of everyone with immediate access, whether they search for a local family physician, shop for medical care across state lines, or enter the global healthcare market.  Why negotiate medical costs with the insurance company or hospital billing department after your treatment when you can get upfront pricing with MediBid?

Patients can find a doctor, family physician, chiropractor, dermatologist, surgeon, dentist, or any other medical specialist on MediBid.  The process is simple; patients register as "Seekers" and post a secure, private request for medical care for anything from acupuncture to total knee replacement surgery or stem cell therapy for cancer.  With thousands of registered healthcare providers, finding a doctor taking new patients such as a family physician, pain management specialist, orthopedic surgeon, ear nose and throat doctor, or other specialist is easy.  Just post a request, then browse through the profiles of qualified medical specialists that offer the procedure you are looking for.  While you browse profile, your request will be emailed to the healthcare providers that match your unique need.  These healthcare providers will review your request and submit a custom price quote to you in the form of a Bid.  Patients can review their Bids with the profiles of the medical specialists and choose the provider that is right for them based on quality, location, availability, price, credentials, or any other attribute important to the patient. 

More than a medical directory, MediBid is a resource where medical consumers can find a doctor, then actively seek bids for the care they need. It gives physicians a direct connection to their patients. MediBid's founders share an unrelenting drive to change the status quo in the field of healthcare financing. Focused on building strong patient-physician relationships, while supporting patients' privacy rights and choice in the medical market place, MediBid's goal is to provide the best opportunity for consumers to self-direct their medical care. Patients who use MediBid's uncompromisingly unique, highly secure, needs-matching technology can acquire the best cost-to-value services anywhere.

MediBid protects the identities of all Seekers and Bidders using state-of-the-art internet protocols. MediBid does not sell your information - ever, and plays no part in the financial transaction or delivery of care.